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Fuck right off!

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guilty as charged - had the same £100 cambridge audio amp and £100 wharfdale speakers for about 15 years

am currently in honeymoon period of using USB for playing out and a quick tour around a few pubs and breweries in walthamstow has hopefully conjured up a couple of new regular gigs. i have 4 things in the next 2 weeks! some people insisted it all has to be WAV files (approx 25-50MB per song) for the sound quality, others said 320 mp3 (about 4-8MB per song) is fine and no one will be able to tell the difference on most small - medium set ups.
this does appear to be the case so far, the mp3s sound fine even on a decent set up with bass bins, rather than just the usual pole speakers in bars.

todays addition to the musical archive is my dad’s ska CD collection (the grand total of about 7 compilation CDs) ,explained on the phone how to rip them and use wetransfer to send me the files. got some classics in there. and this basically means i can play an hour or two of ska as needed and deal with 90% of requests for a ska classic. the most annoying thing is having to rename all the song files as his CD’s predate the computer metadata so have to cross reference with his photos of the tracklisting

speaking of different music one of my gigs is for this great charity fundraiser - Saturday 29 Feb - 5 different venues (breweries, gin palace) all host a full day of music and all for free - but make a donation! its at Ravenswood Industrial Estate, E17 - its in the Village. i am playing on proper sound system in Pillars Brewery

fb event is here

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I binned the vast majority of my tapes which I kind of wish I hadn’t. Some songs just sound better with a snippet of Peel at the end. Or with Westwood’s airhorn between them instead of competent mixing.


he played at snowbombing quite early (maybe 2nd or 3rd one) and every single ‘mix’ was an explosion noise or toro horn (as it is named in the sound fx sample pack that everyone uses) - honestly thought he might cause an avalanche with all the explosion sounds

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What exactly are you a doctor of, Mr Paterson?

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I used to cane this on a tape, which was knackered, good to hear it relatively clean


“Sabres of Paradise there, in session twenty five years ago”


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Stoked on this, never heard it before today

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Dreary, repetitive and drawn out indie/post-rock. If that’s your thing, you’ll enjoy this.

And like mentioned in previous posts, you can find the entire discography on Bandcamp! Tidy mush!

P Mayn Fact of the Day; Black Thread was in that game Driv3r. You know the one, the really good one that had a bit of a scandal behind the whole reviewing of it? Yeah, that one.

Andrew Weatherall RIP. What a shocker. We’ve lost a goodun.

Oh wow, that’s a weird one.

Last saw him at Warp 20.


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Super late reply, but your post reminded me of this cartoon.


Awesome! That cartoon was exactly what prompted my post! Gotta love syncronicity.

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Top compilation that.
About the time this came out, I saw him play a set of nothing but 50’s rock’n’roll 7"s in a bar in Sheffield, to a crowd of people who either didn’t know he was there or didn’t care. It was a weird night out.


He was way ahead with the ‘dance producers getting into ‘real’ music’ thing. And the first dude I saw with a massive beard.


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