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Ahhhhh, Reuben…

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thanks for setting up the new forum, as my first post here is a mix i did with UK Hip Hop 12’s from 1990 - 93,

representing an era well before taskforce and skinnyman, this was a really small musical niche but i was really into it and liked the hard breakbeats and ragga influenced lyrics, full tracklisting on the mixcloud, some of the production quality was pretty fuzzy but that is mainly becuase i assume none of them had any money


Has anyone been following the De La Soul streaming saga on Instagram? They were protesting the label / band split was 90 / 10 and that didn’t cover potential sample clearance issues. I think Tommy Boy backed down for now

test to see if I can manage to embed a youtube link

Not a massive fan of their previous stuff, but this album is rad.

Ditto, I avoided them before, everyone said they were the best thing ever but I wasn’t convinced. But that album is great.

^Yeah, me too. I’ve listened to that one a lot recently though.

Been out a month or so but new AceMo ‘All My Life’ EP is fucking banging

Whole things up on usual steaming services

Nice Haven, not heard that before. The production is rad.

Yeah been rinsing it. Myrtle Ave Party Track is best one on the EP imo but couldn’t find it on YouTube

Who likes Jungle?

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Does General levy count?

I’m more of a rocker

leavin clues

Max D- Many Any (full album not on Youtube)

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Some new Meat Puppets for your ears and eyes. They used to be so good looking, it’s a shame what decades of hard drugs and being shot by the cops will do to a man

hiya kayleigh