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The Glasgow one was on the day inbetween Sonic Youth’s two-day Daydream Nation residency, which probably didn’t help. Those two shows were like the Glasgow indie Christmas work night out or something. They also played an extra hour or so each night, whereas Slint were only going to play Spiderland, and everybody who went knew it.

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Got the days mixed up, it was Slint, then SY twice.


tweez just came through the door this morning. Kinda looking forward to listening again.
I have recollections of really spiky start to it and loads brighter than spiderland but I have no memory of it particularly.

Also, because it came recommended when I ordered Tweez, I thought i’d buy MBV loveless, an album that I have never heard. In fact, I have never purposely listened to MBV but most definitely will have heard some over the years.
I only started thinking maybe I should listen to them after the “MBV MBV MBV More MBV” lyric form The Leanover getting stuck in my head. Although I still won’t be getting into the SFL anytime soon.

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I bought a DJ controller a while back and created a post about wanting to do a live stream at some stage.
I managed to record a reasonable full hour set of drum and bass.
Since getting the controller I’ve been buying tunes online and gradually building up tracks to form a set.
I’ve bought lots of stuff that I like but I wanted to achieve a certain vibe similar to the sort of style I used to play 20yrs ago but the modern take on it.
This is the first complete set that I’ve done in 20yrs and it’s been mighty fun.
With the tracks that I have that didn’t suit this set, I shall be building another set of a different vibe, and then probably another and so on.
From what I gather having got to know you over here through the years, there’s probably not much of an appetite for it but I shall leave the link here for anybody who cares to listen, maybe even share onwards to others beyond here who might appreciate it.
Having listened back closely myself, there are a couple of sections that I know could be improved upon but I’m not sure you’d notice too much if you’re just listening as a casual listener.
I will warn you, it’s not gentle plinky plonky liquid and doesn’t really draw on any jungle influences, it’s more tech stuff than that and quite noisy.

Ignore if you like, or give it a go… choice obviously is yours.


Nice, gonna whack this on at work tomorrow, got some repetitive jobs on so this should help it fly.

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Couple of tracks have been released from the upcoming posthumous Jason Molina album.

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Oh shit!! Looking forward to this (although that feels weird to say, as I wish he was still around to make more music)

Had a full listen. I’ll be honest, some of it is not my cup of tea at all, I don’t like vocals or vocal samples, I prefer darker stuff, and there was some cool bits in here. Also, I have no idea what you’re doing and what’s in the original tracks but I didn’t hear anything that sounded out of place or jarring at all, unless I missed anything when on the phone. Sounded great though, really zipped through my monotonous job. Nice one.

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music from delia derbyshire, london modular alliance, aphex twin & more on this…

pretty enjoyable watch !


Good list of the older stuff

Ha, that’s a really helpful list actually. I listened to loveless and Isn’t anything last night while playing skate2. I vaguely recognised a few bits from loveless especially, definitely heard the first track.

12thy takeover on dublab today

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The Sub Club have a crowdfunder for themselves because they fucked up their furlough application, somehow. It’s smashed the target, despite the boss recently saying it can’t reopen until there’s a vaccine.

And despite relentlessly posting pictures of himself on exotic beaches and in private planes on his Insta.

The Sub Club used to be great but it’s irrelevant now, unless you’re a couple in your 50s wanting a safe place to hear MOR house music.

Picked up by the tabloids now.

Is this the Scottish version of Branson?

I don’t know. They’ve done exactly the same as what Wetherspoon did, except rather than boycott them like people did with 'Spoons, they’re throwing money at them. All these people with no work scraping money together to help some millionaire businessmen cover an admin mistake.

Sub Club hasn’t been relevant for 20 years anyway.

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