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I bet that’s quite common, I don’t really buy that all these guys actually live that hip hop bravado lifestyle. You’d go mad maintaining that image all the time wouldn’t you. Must be tough.

It’s all an illusion

Love this so much

Mary is from Yonkers too and they knew each other as teenagers

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Even just being your famous middle of the road musician, it would be fun to a point but the lifestyle must be pretty hectic and exhausting, let alone having to convey a “thug” image wherever you go.


All these guys are musicians…that shit takes so much time and energy.
Think about how much time you have to put into skating to be good. And then to rise to the top…
Now, times that by 1,000 and thats how many more you have competing in that world.

So yeah…an illusion by incredible storytellers.

(my two cents)


This is superb. Nice one. Had no idea they were making anything new.

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I pre-ordered immediately.

I could be wrong but I feel like this might be the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Speedy Wunderground are on fire at moment, loads of good stuff

edit: that interview is from last year so missing a lot of new stuff

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This is really nice


Not sure if everyone’s thing but my new show for Ripe Radio is up on Mixcloud now
Low key new age, jazz, soul etc - nice for sunshine / outdoor listening…


frank suchlard : schnee
iao : helium ills
die fische : conversaton of everyday lovers
joan bibiloni : sa fosca [ telephones coastal dub ]
crowhead : ecm
khruangbin : summer madness
песняры : зачарованная моя
gerald lee : can you feel the love
raymond richards : fossil, oregon
hugh mane : out in the ether
baltic beat : in the garden
begin : elate [ 33 rpm ]
blackbush orchestra : beauty & the beat
? : 4 love
raymond richards : roslyn, washington
retiree : migrate
retiree : mystery bay
cobby & porky : we’d like to capture your mind
psychemagik : wake up everybody
smith & mudd : the distance [ dub ]


Nice! .

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Pretty sick new Mogwai video by Jon Miner. Weirdly that’s me stepping over my rooftop in Chicago in my DC’s and camo Droors pants in 1997 at 1.35


Sick. On the theme of random connections to videos from bands you might remember from the 90s…

This Coral video came out a couple of months back and was filmed in the near derelict building I had just bought back in 2018 or so. I hooked up Edwin the director with the location to build a crazy diorama from toy soliders and random plastic toys. The building is almost completely redeveloped now but this was a cool way to christen it in my ownership.


Thoughts on the new Godspeed?

I’m really enjoying it, not as good as Allelujah but definitely better than Luciferian Towers which I didn’t get into.

Fantano gave it a strong 6, I’d give it a light 8.

tracklist looks lovely - will smash it on at work tomoz !

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Light 8 sounds about right. I lost interest in them but this is interesting enough to bring me back

UK based music recommendations. Go!

Tough one, I’d have to say Best of the Beatles.


Went record shopping in Warminister a couple of years ago (here, would recommend a dig through the 1000s of vinyl in the cellar) & found out about the heavy UFO interest in the town - sightings, clubs, murals etc

Anyway, Drew Mulholland has made an album about it all - sounds decent

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