N26 is back up

So do we go back? Or stay?

Go back. :fu:t6:

keep this one. this one is better


Yeah stay on this one I reckon. Good to know the old one is back so those who were worried about losing the content can go back on there for a reminisce but just going back on the old one it looks and feels so archaic now

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Anybody for several tedious rounds of indicative votes?


If you want to keep using this one, do me a favour and don’t post in n26 and\or encourage people to do likewise

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image https://media.tenor.com/images/70c20ef1e1cf54c65405518a6e62708e/tenor.gif

This one works better on my phone. Suppose just sticky a link to this one on the old forum for any lurkers to emigrate over


Old one sucks. Was just all the same people anyway, but with a shitty interface

This one is tidier and it would seem a shame to not continue to use it after the effort Spanky has put in.
Suits phone use much better too.
Oh… and dark mode.

Not yet, it’ll be interesting to see who has bought it and their future plans.

Do love the old forum & like the more old school (?) layout but prefer the idea of this one actually being ran by us (big up Spanky) so happy to stick here

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Fuck man it took me about 5 mins just to stick a link there pointing to this forum the interface on mobile is so turd on the old one

Do the old mods still have control of the old one?

Would be interesting to leave it and see how it evolves on its own, like some weird Uk skate experiment


Like Blueprint 2. 0.

Defo remain. Tbh I tend to only lurk but this one is so much nicer to use.