Napalm Custom

The black stuff in nose/tail (middle ply) is some kind of special plastic that makes the tips last longer. And this is unfinished, just come off CNC.


This is what happens to the triaxis fibre glass sheet on a Powell flight deck. Top layer and second bottom layer.
I reckon it defo has the potential to go crispy , especially from ledge tricks , as all mine have .

This is the crook forward facing side of my nose on my last regular board which I rode for 2 years so I’m not too worried!

Update on this deck:

Went back to UK for dadlands a couple weeks ago where I got my old go-to shape (Crailtap GO23). Same trucks and wheels as I usually ride. And the shape looked a bit weird (always used to think it looked sick) and I rode it all day and it was…fine. But came home to tallinn and rode this bespoke Napalm Custom shape and really loving it. It feels so perfect, and the shape looks perfect as well, that semi-shovel nose is sick). Wouldn’t normally harp on as I’m not one to moan that much when I change shapes.

It’s not like you can just buy what I’m talking about off the shelf (unless you ask them for same shape I specced which they keep on file) but what I am saying is if you know exactly what you want then Mikko can make it exactly to your spec. And it was fun figuring it all out.

Pretty blown away he nailed the shape perfectly. Not cheap but when time comes will probably get another. So if you got the cash try it out!

I wasn’t gifted the board or anything, I used sub money from the forum to pay full price for it (and to pay for flights to go dadlands as I’m skint! So thanks all you patreons :heart::heart::heart:)


Was randomly thinking about people that do twin tail reviews on youtube, they usually say “yeah it takes out some of the thinking you have to do: is my board the right way around?” And honestly if taking that cognitive load off you makes that much of a noticeable difference then god help you


Just been on napalmcustom site, there’s an offer for free indys with every deck right now