Napapijri x Kojey Radical Free T-Shirt Giveaway

Napapijri are giving away 150 dope t-shirts to the first people to their Carnaby Street store in London on Wednesday. The t-shirt was designed by the rapper Kojey Radical and comes to life in augmented reality! You have to use the filter on napapijri’s instagram page (Instagram), tag @napapijri and then just turn up to the store at 7pm on Wednesday to collect your free t-shirt. T-shirt-Mockup-white-collar|500x500

That is cool, and nothing but cool.


I prefer my shirts in real reality.

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Do u sponser sk8ers?

I feel 100% more engaged with this brand/product/rapper thanks.

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Not yet as Napapijri has only just launched their UK store. Maybe in the future though! Come along on Weds night. It would be good to chat then.

Ha, it has the design on the tee already but you can use the QR code to unlock more features!

There was one in Glasgow for years, and everything looked kind of nice-ish but it was cheap as fuck so people definitely caught flack for wearing it.

Napapijri is one of those brands I thought looked good at first but quickly became the new Superdry and now I am glad I never bought or wore any.

Superdry is a modern day plague.
If you put a red X on the doors of people who own/wear superdry I think it would signify an irriversable epidemic.

Jah Bless Brother

Makes it easier to spot the people who aren’t into anything. And big up those guys behind it, I used to be a Bench rep (like an Avon lady) and James Holder was nothing but sound. Obviously that wasn’t recently but good on him for realising that ordinary people need ordinary clothes and cashing in.

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You just can’t help who buys your shit. It’s out of your hands regardless of your intention. Kinda weird when you think about it.

Well this stuff is squarely aimed at exactly the people who buy it. It’s a job very well done.

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I would have no idea personally but if so then the owner is laughing.

Yeah, it’s really popular out there.

I saw someone wearing one of these in the new series of Top Boy on Neftlix and therefore.