Need Help with Project

Hey everyone,
Could I borrow 5 min. of your time? I’m doing research about building a web flow for customizing skateboards online and if you could answer these 8 questions you could really help me a lot.
If you have other suggestions feel free to message me I could really appreciate some help from you guys
Thanks in advance!

Here is my skateboard survey:

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What’s a “customised skateboard” in this case?

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artfully arranged sticker job on new build

I’d say the questions you ask in your form are pretty poor. There’s nothing really to help there with improving the flow of building a skateboard on an online shop

designing your own skateboard by selecting the parts individually with the end result of ordering a whole skateboard or some parts for exchange on your existing skateboard.

For Information: I became many responses that the market is saturated, the purpose of this project is not to build a real website, it’s a portfolio project. where I will showcase my skills (I’m a UX-design student) and for that, I need to understand the needs of the users which I try through this survey.

Ah, in that case I’d ask people what they’ve got or what they want to start by choosing then do something that matches truck widths to decks and so on to offer helpful suggestions they can then filter down by price, brand etc. It could definitely be done a bit better than I’ve seen.

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Thanks for your feedback, I will change and actualize my questions.

When it comes to buying components (or a “customized skateoard” in this case) most of us already know what we want, usually where to get it and roughly how much it’d cost. There are already sites (I believe it’s called Parade World?) which basically consolidates a bunch of EU based skateshops into one marketplace and allows you to find them the cheapest. It’s not really rocket science and although it might seem like there’s a metric shit ton of brands out there, it really comes down to a handful of woodshops and factories actually producing the components.

If you’re really looking to do it as a UX design project/proof of concept, you could maybe set it up as a site where you would input certain parameters such as the size of the deck, whether you would want loose or tight trucks, wheel size and hardness etc and it would scrape a bunch of websites and return what it considers the best fit. Maybe even throw a budget on there so say for example;

You want an 8.25, medium tightness trucks, 52mm hard wheels, with a higher budget it would return something like an 8.25 Polar Deck, Thunder 148 trucks, 52mm Spitfire 101a wheels and all the other components.

Now say if you wanted an 8.25, medium tightness trucks with 52mm harder wheels but on a lower budget, it would return say an 8.25 shop deck/blanks/etc, Venture 5.6 trucks and Bones 100’s wheels.

Of course that would definitely require some work on your part and looking into what brands fit what category best etc, but it seems like a good solution/idea for what you’re trying to achieve. As it stands, it seems like you’re trying to fill a void that doesn’t exist with your idea, as mentioned earlier most buying custom setups already know what they want, unless it’s aimed at beginners in which the above idea would fit the bill.

This would be a good idea. In real life terms it would be useful because it would prevent you from buying trucks that are too wide or a deck that is too small. The amount of times I’ve had to Google ‘what size thunder trucks fit an 8.5 deck’ for example. And this would be particularly helpful for buyers with less experience.

Probably a daft question but why don’t truck mfrs just name them after the width of the axle instead of the hanger and do it in inches the same as decks? It would be a lot easier.