Need help with shoes. Any recommendations(not Busentiz)?

Before anyone mentions it, I have a pair busenitz and they are horrible, for me anyway.

I’m a size 7 UK, I bought a pair of size 7.5 UK adidas busenitz and they don’t fit me at all. The toecap is too restrictive, the side of the shoe completely crushes my foot, I literally skated for 10 minutes and I couldn’t go on. I guess I have a wider foot despite me being size 7. Only good thing about them is the board feel and lightweight feel.

Before the busenitz I skated in air force 1s which are way too bulky with absolutely no board feel.

I need some other recommendations. I’ve been skating for only a month now and I enjoy it but I need new shoes asap. I need shoes that have decent boardfeel, aren’t bulky but also ones that actually fit. And of course other aspects such as decent durability as well. I have wider feet which is why the busenitz don’t fit me despite being slightly over my actual size. My price range is max £80.

So any recommendations?

New Balance 440s?
A squarer toe than adidas but durable and comfy

wearing a pair at the minute with my fat feet and end the day with sore little toes from the squish.

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I have loads of dunks uk 7 they are amazing to skate in……

But some Superstar ADV?

I always found Emerica to be fairly wide fitting.

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Go to a shop and try some different pairs on.

hows the board feel? I was thinking new balances as well cus they seem more affordable + bigger toe box

yeah, was thinking of getting new balances as well lol

will look into it, thanks!

will check em out, thanks!