New Andy Evans spoof vid with Ellis Frost

This needs a thread - continually updated isn’t really the place for it I don’t think.
Classic Evans and Diggs is a phenomenon.


Got to love an Andy Evans video - what a ripper.

Did I see a skateable bedroom? There was definitely a drawbridge bed in the middle of a mini.

Also: Nice one Doris!!

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I can relate to growing up with shitty small town spots, brick 2 sets and lumps of tarmac that we’d call a bank. Andy Evans vids are always a treat, watched Straight to Video so many times back in the day.

Big fan of new threads for everything too tbh.


I agree where it’s warranted - with decent videos I think it nearly always is.
If everyone else disagrees then it won’t get comments.

Everyone else - feel free innit


‘The grass isn’t greener on the other side’

I’ve always loved Andy Evan’s videos because - and I mean this in the nicest way possible - they are a great reminder that skateboarding isn’t always about the pursuit of cool or being the best, and that what we do is inherently nerdy, weird, funny, and full of characters, and that’s what has always made it so great.

I guess Diggs was probably born around the time Raemers in This n’ That came out? Mad. For all the obvious reasons this is who I had in my mind whilst watching this, and as a review of his skating that’s a pretty strong comparison.


Fully, was just thinking about Ben, kid rips and that was so funny! Are any of the older Andy Evans videos online? Think I only have a physical copy of this and that left.

Was reminded of Ben too.

Evans’ YT channel here:

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Big future for lil Digs

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Gave me a chuckle and reminded me of grom days with the local bank spot. Little lad is rad, everything crossed that he stays on it!

So good, Andy Evans’ lens on skateboarding is perfect.

Genius as always!

The diggs kid is amazing and LA has a good accent but everything other than the diggs kid was incredibly unfunny to me, just really cringe.

Funnily enough I usually find that but this one made me laugh. Must have just been in a good mood when I watched it :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’m in a good mood and his other ones have been good. I guess you can’t make hits every time.

Going to have to disagree with that.


Ooooooor perhaps humour is subjective?

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Of course, but it wasn’t funny.

Yeah, definitely relatable if you’ve ever had to grow up skating village/small town spots, haha. Good to see Bram is still at it too.

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I was pissing myself.

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