New Charlie Munro part

What a week.


Fuck me, that was sick. Best section of the year for me. Awesome skating, great filming and lovely tune.

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was waiting for the song to kick in the whole way through

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Yup felt the same. Sick part though

Yessss, that was sick. Nice one @Londonskater :raised_hands:

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thx babes.

Deffo lockdown vibes.


Obviously really fucking good

Batshit crazy!

Imagine looking at that drop and thinking “I could nollie that”.


Great stuff, time to go pro now :+1:


Over a 10" wall with 6ft of run up on soggy roofing felt.
It’s pretty fucked up.


That was amazing, and gnarly, I yelped at that slo-mo slam at St Paul’s ha.

Imagine not being totally fucking hyped on that backtail…


Same here. I get the Covid vibes approach but think a tune with a faster pace suits his skating better (like in Cover Version, but then again I really like that A Flock of Seagulls song).

I’m sure he was hyped, maybe his brain hadn’t processed the fact that he had landed it yet as he had to be so focused to do it?

Great part that. Started reading the interview and I’m thinking to myself I’ve read this before, got to the monster energy bit and was like yep. Must have been in grey or online, I dunno :man_shrugging:

That was so sick.

The crust is real on some of those spots.

Loved the nollie switch crook at loyds.


The moss-covered bank to hillbomb at about 3:05 is one of the most grim spots I’ve ever seen and he just charges the fuck out of it.

Big ups to Charlie and Kev.

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Ha maybe, all I know is if I made it down there I’d be buzzing just to still be alive, not worrying if it was perfect or not.

Think he felt like he slowed down too much or stalled it out maybe? But he was still moving and slid it for ages, so I thought it was sick

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Exactly that.


enjoyed that - had a somewhat ethereal vibe which is quite something given the locations

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