New Heitor Part

By Austin Bairstow. Heitor is a style god.


fuck me, that was incredible

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The whole thing is nuts but that crazy looking switch fs heel off the block over the box in London.
[exploding head emoji/]


Most exciting skater for ages.

Massive W as the kids say.

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Digging that bs noseblunt in Paris somewhere. Real flowy, bouncy style, very similar to Kyle Wilson, especially on switch hardflips and (switch) frontside flips.



that was wicked, questionable jorts aside

i love how stoked he looks when skating, always breaking out into grins after landing a trick

That bs nb slide. Boom. So good.

This edit properly stoked me out. Been out skating all day because of it . Managed to land some reasonable shit too. My ancient knees are creaking and complaining a bit now. Stuck Heitor on again on getting home and the penny dropped on the Barrington Levy tune - It was the outro on ,(I think), VIP Dubplate Selection Vol. 1. The Alan Glass video from way back…


That was even better second time around. Wish I could rock jorts.