NEXTMAN's Nightmare (Full Documentary)


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Just watched all of that with my dinner.
Grabbed dessert so I could finish it.

Hope you are all good.

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:heart::heart::heart: - really interesting story. Are you still skating a lot? @T-Gurl

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Hey Kayley, hope you’re doing well and getting help. I watched it and it was a really hard to watch. I really think you need to let go of those past issues you talked about, you have to remember that skateboarders are not elite beings, they can be arseholes and seems that many didn’t understand you, but on the other side, maybe you didn’t make things easy. You’ll learn from it all, just keep your head up and move forward.


Literally havnt been on here to read those kind replies. I mean…compared to how I use to be on the old forum every minute of free time when I wasn’t working, skating or filming so the whole “sat on my computer in the middle of nowhere chain smokin zoots constantly starting forum beef” I’ve deffo come along way. I honestly thought “Build” would have banned me so I didn’t come back to check this thread.

Was gunna start a new account called “Knowall Hedgefund”. Like Noel Edmunds yer get it?

This “documentary” I posted in this thread has been terminated along with my YouTube account that I started in 2006 around the dawn of YouTube. 15 years of memories and work deleted with one button click as a pad I grew up with turned on me. He kept ringing my phone at 3 in the morn calling me “f*ggot” non stop then he got spiteful and found a technicality to get my YouTube terminated. Gutting. Happened with my MPORA.

If anyone knows Frocker from Ride Shop in Cov? I rand Jim Skin in Cov and he gladly sent Frocker the shop copy of my DVD Nasty Pasty to Frocker so he could rip it and reupload the video to YouTube which was rad.

I came on here mainly to see if there is any interest in me possibly doing a ten year anniversary re-press of Nasty Pasty complete with all the box art by Jon Horner and the inlay card by me?

If anyone is interested let me know. It’s a non profit kinda deal.

Also came on here to say Sal Barbier looks like Vin Diesel ennit

Cheers for the feedback Anon. It was honestly one of the hardest things I e.wver edited.

Ot started off with the intention of doing a edit of Daryl(covsid) career up till this crazy stuff that company he works for is doing. I got explaining how I used to film him and buzz and him went on to be really successful within the UK…well Daryl across Europe and even fuether BUT…I got thinking about how people took the piss out of me…no names but moreso people within the filming community saying some real nasty things about weed and how I’m basically tarred with the crazy brush and acted cool for smoking weed. I just wanted to make it clear …I never introduced young skaters like Daryl or Bosworth to their first spliff and never would as since 12 ive known it’s been a problem. Like…when I met Harry Bray or Jamie OG Hewet it was like yeah…sound I’m not the only one with life long substance abuse.

Plus, I loved the narration at the start with the manzoori, penny and mouly boys club history lesson. I bagged a like from mouly on Instagram which was super dope. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for kind words on this thread. Honest opinion about a ten year anniversary re-press of the dvd peeps?

Last thing to add.

Here’s my new YouTube with what little footage I could salvage after it all happened.

I was doing what morph was in his interview minus the ammo. You can here them in my trap in the background. Touched my hear these Marlies looked aftere in briz. Mostly white people who discriminate against me. It’s been an eye opener.