Nike SB Aus - ‘Welcome to Melbourne‘

This is so heavy.


Is it worth persevering with because the filming is so fucked that I am getting a headache and eyestrain 3 mins in.

well, it was. The filming did get better as it went on, fun seeing Mapstone looking like a massive ex cricketer turned pundit getting pretty tech and the last part or section, jeez.


I had no problems with the filming at all. It was just a really fucking heavy and amazing edit to me.

The skating was ridiculously gnarly, but some of the filming made it borderline unwatchable for me. The zooming in to peoples feet has got to be one of the worst filming trends at the moment? You don’t see any context for the trick, like that curved rail that Jack O’Grady does near the start. That could have looked so much better, as you couldn’t even see the rail in profile.


Jack O’Grady is great


That was amazing, I thought the filming was good, music went well too.
Personal highlight was the hubba crook to board snap near the end

that was fucking gnarly, felt like a homie video more than a nike one

think i’m officially numbed to the footsie trend now, maybe it’s just because the skateboarding was actually good that it didn’t bother me in this… who knows

It was mainly in the first few minutes, and some really fucking shaky work too. Got loads better later when the spots got bigger and the skaters got gnarlier.