Nike SB vs Adidas vs New Balance vs everyone else.

See so many New Balance Numeric (is that what the skate line is called?) in the wild these days, lots of ads. Are they making money from skateboarding?

Nike cut a shit load of people, so did Vans, Adi didn’t.

Just intrigued as to who is currently owning the skateboard shoe market.

Do any of them make loads of money from skateboarding directly? I suppose I’d always assumed that the main point of the exercise is that the association is good for their brands more widely.


Did they? Team page still seems stacked:

Zion Wright first name to mind.

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That was years ago.

Gino Iannucci got cut too :joy:


I dunno I’m just interested to know market share and if it’s worth it financially or just a wider marketing ploy at this point. I’m bored

I’m pretty sure I read that NB’s market share was up across the board - Numeric included.

New CEO at Nike and Vans too right?
Not too many exciting drops from either

Too many people on the roster and not enough people buying in skateboarding probably.
Nike must be making insane money from Joe public though.

They do try a bit, Ishod, Koston, Puig, Van Eng etc all push it a little but they miss the mark somehow and they end up marmite on sale.
It’s us, we want them to push boundaries, take risks and they tentitively do and we recoil and moan that they can’t do a classic. Or something like that.

Nike doesn’t seem to be selling as well as it did, from a purely un-researched point of view. I just see a lot of stock sitting these days that would have flown off the shelves a few years a go. The whole sneaker business seems to have been hit by cost of living and people aren’t buy them up like before. You can’t give away some shoes that people were all over not long a go.

Again this just from how I see it, Ive done absolutely no market research.

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I genuinely don’t - I just want some nice looking shoes without any futile ‘progressive’ bullshit added to them.


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Me too, that’s why I wear nothing but Accel slims, Right now white MC Raps
But you can read it in here on the shoe threads absolutely.

Don’t worry. I path are coming back. For a few months at least.


You even see Dunks just sitting there now, never thought I’d see that happen!

I feel like Nike as a whole have just run out of ideas whereas NB seem to have loads more they can do.


They haven’t released any desirable shoes forever imho. The re-release of the Oski Shark in all-red really speaks of the paucity of their vision.
But then again, I’m an old man so my opinion is meaningless.

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They just need to re-release bruin reacts and I’ll be happy


Did Nike flood/push the market too hard?