Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Damn, it’s weird that they cut all that stuff out of the actual interviews that air.

I just heard him say it and did a double take because he never covers that stuff.

Crob has, on multiple occasions, asked a guest how much they earned for royalties or for a particular deal. Then will follow it up with something like, ‘nah, I’m just joking, but I’m not joking. How much, haha? A rough figure will do, haha. Just joking bro.’ Then will go on to say that it fascinates him. I get the feeling that if the guests were willing to do it he’d be happy to go through their accounts, mostly to satisfy his own curiosity.


Oh god, again?!?

Can someone tell me whether this is worth watching

It’s not.

(Not that I’ve watched it.)

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I watched 35-40 minutes of it this morning. I can’t remember anything that was said. My overall impression is that it was dull and pointless. I’ll be going back and watching the rest tomorrow though - glutton for punishment, I guess.

Three+ hours about the D3 shoe, no thanks.

Crob’s scheduled attempt to get more info out of Mayhew about what he got paid and what he does with his money

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Standard, then.

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Nike bashing
Osiris shady business doings

Kinda crazy.
All kiids looking to get hooked up or people opening shop accounts should take notes.

Mad, these would make it a ‘no’ for me.

Guess he goes into how it was him, and not a paid-up, trained, professional shoe designer who designed that shoe?

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No, he debunkd the whole “getting late to s meeting and picking the last design” myth.
He got inspiration from hiking boots and shared his idea with Brian Reid working together on the overall design.

He plays it pretty straight.

The nike bashing basically confirmd how their sales strategy for core shops ended up putting s lit of them out of business.

I would hsve gonr into this episode expecting nothing special and basicslly it’s sn industry pandora’s box.


That was a good listen actually as it was almost all around subjects Roberts has some knowledge of so it didn’t really grate at any point.

I had a mental block and for some reason mixed Dave Mayhew and Dave Mirra up and got really confused why he’d be on the 9 Club.

Even more so when I remembered he’s dead.


So is the Nine Club.


Oh and any excuse to post this:

Edit: Whilst snorting salt and squirting lime juice in his eyes, Don feels the need to clarify that he’s not a ‘drug guy’ - I guess that now includes vaccines.


Fucking love Don Brown

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Hoping this isn’t just a long-form version of Karl Watson’s recent interview. But I love this shit.


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