Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Never heard of this guy. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

He did this, when went down pretty well:

Thanks. Didn’t see that either but am interested to hear what a neuroscientist has to say about skating (especially if he does skate too, which I suppose he does). Will give this episode a go sometime soon, it might make a long drive more enjoyable.

He has legit history, stories about kelch and crew at emb, used to work at Thrasher etc

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Oh great, ta!

I’m really interested in the fact he seems to know what déjà vu is (from the video description)? When scientists can’t agree. Hope it doesn’t undo all his good work.

Franc it’s pretty good imo, but I love the psychological aspect of it.

Nearly got through it but constant disruption by the kids isn’t helping

ah man that was a great watch. I’ve seen him on loads of other things and he’s mentioned that he skates briefly and left it there but this one everything he chats about he tries and circles back to skating somehow. good pod.
and because he’s teaching the cluelessness of the team worked in its favour.

not sure how I feel about waiting 90mins to have coffee in the morning.

I’m guessing I didn’t take on board any of the sleep help as here I am wide awake at 4:30.


Started Huberman’s episode. It’s pretty good.
His remarks about Biebel made me chuckle.

This has got some good stuff in it. Not quite the guest I was expecting but nevertheless it’s a really interesting and enjoyable episode.

Only thing is Jake’s constant use of the historic present tense, for me, is a total wind up and he employs it 90% of the time….grrrr.

Nine club has been alright these last few episodes. I take my hat off to them.

Chris Roberts probably went outside and collapsed after listening to Andrew Huberman - blatantly clear he hadn’t watched the Jenkem thing too - but at least he was so out of his depth that he didn’t even know what say for half of it.

When the good doctor explained that “Your eyeballs are the only part of your brain on the outside - if you’re healthy” and nobody laughed I felt a bit sorry for him. Like a substitute teacher with some five year-olds, and things are going well, but then… No. Nope.

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TJ Rogers episode is quite good. He seems really sound actually, not at all what I expected. Quite willing to give him the benefit of the doubt over that Weck post.

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Obviously that’s the only reason anybody has mentioned TJ Rogers lately, so (without giving too much away), how did Chris Roberts handle asking him all about that??

Lol, I mean it’s classic Crob investigative journalism

Actually the only mention of Weck is TJ mentioning that he previously got called out on MannyBusters for touching on a Manuel - which maybe gives a bit of context to his comment…

TJ Rogers seems really sound.

Crob is always so intrigued when he hears the name of a place that’s outside of LA or even California.
I’d love to have him here and show him around and tell him really weird things like that in Switzerland we don’t eat on Thursdays in order to remember WW2 or some really dumb shit and see his reactions.

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Just listened to Chris Roberts shit his pants for a full 60 seconds because TJ is from a town called Whitby.

“I love that. Whibby…”

“No, Whitby”

“How do you spell that?”

Spells it.

“Wow, Whitby. Thats crazy. I love that. Whitby.”

What a doylum.


Oh Christ.

“I’m not hip to foster care TJ, what happened?”

Fuck me.


TJ comes across as well as always - reinvesting in his local community, running contests, spending his own money to make shit happen. Good man.

Most of this shit that Chris Roberts “never knew nothing about” (sic) was already discussed on his very funny Bunt in 2016 but that’s obviously a level of research that CRob finds unimaginable.

Lol at TJ getting on Blueprint Canada flow before Blueprint died and went Blueprint 2.0


Isn’t Eldridge the new guest on The Bunt? Skateboard podcasts will eat themselves.

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