No one cares Nyjah, or is it just me?

So Nyjah is filming in “the streets” for Disorder…

Is it just me that couldnt care less how many stairs or how long the handrail is now? Seen every trick under the sun perfectly executed from the guy and it weirdly turns me totally off him to watch.

Maybe this topic has been done to death i dunno, its my first post

I definitely don’t care about him or his board company.

Just completely lacking in creativity really. Boring big rails with difficult tricks but so meh

And the fits don’t help

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Undeniably talented, but dull as dish water.

I don’t like his tre flips very much, they’re almost what I’d say are his own uniquely horrible version of yo flips. Once every so often he’ll do something watchable or just do something massive you’d like to see once.

His curved rail 5-0 was a standout trick. Hopefully he’s got something else like that up his spandex.

It’s like an algorithm created a skateboarder. Probably won’t watch.

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If you don’t like Nyjah, you don’t like skateboarding. End of.


This is like saying that if you don’t like McDonald’s you don’t like food.


you definitely will though

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I really won’t, don’t have the time anymore. I made time for TJ’s part and that was time well spent.

OP is actually Nyjah killing time before a Friday night ket bender


Thats a strong point.

What I DO like about Nyjah is everything he has done being one of the ‘faces’ that really young kids look to. So my kids might wana start skating because of him , so in that side of things i fully respect him.
He clearly is a really hard worker and immensely talently gifted, My point was that you can have all these things going for you but it doesnt always equate to what the pinnacle of ‘skateboarding’ is.

Peole like Gino Iannucci , Eric Koston , Gonz , Tom Penny , John Rattray. I could go on and on.
Theres some kind of unobtainable level that no amount of practice or training can give you. I guess thats my point. I might have been abit harsh on the lad in OP

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Fuck Nyjah


Did anyone catch Jamie Foy etc at the Bay66 demo thing?