Nosegrind v Overcrook

Sums up my feelings exactly.


Posting a John Hill video of Garrett Ginner?

Are you trying to give UK Skate Forum the Elon Musk treatment and scare everyone off?


Came up on my YT feed and I have no idea who either is.

Embrace the change nav :two_hearts:

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Garretts marginally less annoying than most and he kick flipped wallenberg so at least he’s not shit.

Either overcrooks exist or they don’t and it’s all nosegrinds. Personally I think they do because it allows for proper frontside nosegrinds on round rails which look absolutely insane


It’s like saying salads/suskis don’t exist

change my mind


Haha I’m glad that was short but both tricks looked very similar to me.

Like Suski I’m a bit split because backside seems legit but frontside not. Particularly on a ledge.

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fs nosegrind
bs overcrook
fs salad
bs suski


So what if you did a perfectly balanced, straight backside nose manual grinding along a rail, that’d be an overcrook?

I just mean imo overcrook can only be bs, can still do a bs nosegrind if its straight, same as a straight bs 5-0 isnt a suski or a straight fs 5-0 isnt a salad.


I see it as a way to describe, if you had no visual cues, a trick.

For example, Penny does that shifty flip over besos. PJ Ladd does the nollie heel shifty in PJLWHL. They’re just basic tricks but it’s the way they’re done. And because of the way they’re done that they’re notable.

I did, what I described to people at the time, an ollie over a flatbar to bs crook, coming out forwards into a bank, as the nomenclature for what I was doing didn’t exist at the time (1999?). It definitely wasn’t a bs nosegrind. The still of the trick looks like a basic crook. Without context it’s just a crook. It most definitely is not a backside nosegrind. With a nosegrind it’s best if you don’t touch the nose. With a crook the nose 100% has to touch. As far as I know you can’t straight pop out of a nosegrind in the middle of a freestanding round rail (unless it’s on a box), you got to pop it out from a crook.

So I don’t know why people get salty over overcrooks. It gives valuable context to how the trick is done if you don’t have the visual.

If you apply the ‘overcrook is just a nosegrind’ rule, you could go round telling people you can bs overcrook when what you’re actually doing is just a bs crook. Because if a fs crook is just a nosegrind then a bs crook is just a nosegrind. Therefore bs overcrook = bs crook = nosegrind.



1000% on all of those points. we have different tricks names for different tricks. nosegrind, crook and overcrook are different tricks. the pinch (or at least touching the nose) and the angle make them completely different

Also, it’s like saying a feeble and smith are the same trick, on a freestanding bar. When you name the trick you know whether they rolled in bs or frontside, no further context needed

I’m sure these points have already been made on slap or whatever but I never go on there, so sorry not sorry.


Thread: Our language is not sufficient for Nosegrinds


Rad Rat doesn’t how fakie backside tailslides
work so he can get fucked about wading into any trick name debate.


Deleted as I’m in way over my head on this one.

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I remember talking about this before - so cool you did that trick documented before whoever decided a frontside nosegrind wasn’t possible, for some reason!

There’s all sorts of logic behind skateboard terminology and this one breaks the rules (like varial flip).

I have no idea who those people are in the video, but I’m sure those two tricks feel different, you need different angles for your body and board position and they look different, so how would “mid-school” ( :face_vomiting: ) tradiitionalists describe them? Just both nose grinds?

I used to do frontside nose grinds on transition and my back wheels certainly never went over the coping, and nose never touched either. But as per the end of that video, I can’t do either trick!

#TrickNamePedantryisFUN :wink:


My 2 cents.

No such thing as FS overcrook, always a nosegrind.

BS overcrook, yup.


I’ve always gone with this as well.

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