Nostaligic pics

Mate who stopped skating 20 years ago just found these and posted them on our fb chat.
This is in Derby Storm skatepark before it was the skatepark, right here it’s just ending as a go kart track and the talks of the skatepark are circling. Didn’t happen for a couple of years maybe but it’s weird to see. I have no pics of me skating either.


Of course, post yours!

Look at that hairline!

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Like a spanish waiter!

Oh my god, that’s amazing. I wish there was more footage of those days online. It feels like i’m there as those faces were regular. Gaz got so good, really underated but I don’t think he cared that much. Was that Irish Rosey in there too? He was a rad dude to sesh with.

Not seen him since the day I stopped working with him in 2005.
He wouldn’t skate all that often and it was really unfair that he could skate once or twice in a blue moon and have such ability.
When he did skate, he usually ended up with a pic or clips for videos.

pic from the last day at radlands, i’m up top of the ramp to the right somewhere


The last official jam? I was there too.

nah the actual last day ! there was a jam on though so guessing you were there