Not Stoked.

Came second on a deal. Lost out on £4500 commission. Not stoked.

Absolutely hanging. Felt like shit after work yesterday, really photosensitive so came home and slept for 12 hrs. Worked today but have had to have another few catnaps throughout the day just to get through. Its not covid but I’m absolutely ruined and we’re off to France on Thursday so hoping it’s clear by then

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Polystyrene is the worst thing mankind ever invented.

I wish you could buy some kind of spray that would melt it or something.


Found a cat turd on our garage roof. Slightly too far away to knock off with a bit of bamboo.

Went skating for half an hour Tuesday night, took it easy and since yesterday morning the ball of my right foot has been really painful. Didn’t fall or preemo on it either :man_shrugging:

It’s enough to stop skating, which sucks. Hopefully better for the weekend….

Finally got el spooky covid

Scary read: When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans?

A mate at work, really good guy and shoot the shit with him about sci-fi and films, has had some health issues the last few months, finally got a diagnosis after a hospital trip or two…Motor Neuron Disease

I’ve never heard someone so accepting of something like that in my life, proper inspiring if I’m honest.

Puts into perspective putting off stuff till tomorrow and being too scared to go to the skatepark in case someone laughs at an old biffer on a board.


One of my hens suddenly died a couple nights ago. She seemed in great shape during the day, ate well, drank well, chilled with me. She got in her coop as usual when it got dark and I found her dead in the morning. So weird. Could be a heart attack, who knows? She wasn’t even that old.

Fuck this summer, everybody around me seems to die. One of my cats in June, my uncle in July, and now this. Fuck.

Still have two chickens, gonna adopt 2 or 3 when I get back from my holidays. Life goes on I suppose.

Got properly smoked Skimboarding yesterday. Both knees are giving me grief to the point that I’m having to decide whether or not I really need to go upstairs because it’s so painful. Tweaked my left ankle and bashed my swede too. I’m walking about today looking like Mr Burns. Still it could always be worse as I don’t think there’s any real significant damage done. Certainly won’t be skating/ skimming for a week or two though. Explains the amount of time I’ve whiled away on here this afternoon eh.


Did something to my left thigh /IT band last night at kickboxing. Don’t recall getting a bad kick to that area at all, and the pain only started off when I stopped for a breather. Hurts a fair bit and I’m not expecting to be able to skate for a while. Bah.

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Fell onto box edge going full tilt the other night and gave myself a super hipper. Then did it again (albeit slower) about 10 mins later. Then did it again last night. Coming up nice and purple. I don’t usually injure myself too bad so pretty gutted.

On the upside I’m taking my daughter to the girls only skate night at the new spot around the corner to my house. She gets real pumped on it (even though she’s still doing a lot of buttboarding).


Stop hipping yourself


So the wheels suck?


Must be the problem.


haha no you fucks, I haven’t even got them yet.

Should be arriving in a few days


Best get some rest. We need you at 100% to get the best results.


Rucked it myself tonight. Hang up on my box to tarmac, proper quick WTF slam too. Probably wise to take a week or so off as a number of body parts hurt at the moment. Gotta pay to play etc etc

Dog ran on some broken beer bottles on the field and severed a tendon and blood vessel in her paw. £600 bill. Fucking little shits getting giddy on two beers and smashing glass everywhere.

Going through similar. One of our cats got hit by a car and got a bad wound in his leg. He’s had 3 x rays, sedation the works. He is back every 3 days to have it redressed, luckily the other day he didn’t need sedated to change it which saved on costs. Hope your dog heals soon!

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