Not Stoked.


Ugh new forum. Got to re-register. I’m sorry everyone.

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did a proper skate for the first time since last year.
pretty terrible and so i heard that what i’m supposed to do is just keep trying the same trick over and over had the park to myself so didn’t mind.
35 minutes of some basic kickflip manoover on a bank that i usually have on lock.
landed 2, completely sketch. heels and toes all over the shop.
2 moshers turn up playing RATM on a portable speaker and started to skate.
in such a mood i instantly grabbed my stuff and went.
feel a bit bad about it now.
if you were one of those moshers it was nothing personal.

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Gutted I can’t find the old YELLA logo anywhere for my profile pic.


Soooo much baby poo last two nights.


I’m glad that stage is over for us now! Vinnie is only going once, sometimes twice a day now.

Weirdly it seems that brushing his teeth triggers a shit, pretty funny to witness!


Am sure you could replicate it exactly with 5 minutes and Microsoft Word


Mad poo last night, and shat in the bath for good measure.


Damn, I’ve only ever had to deal with piss is the bath… which was luckily right at the end of bath time.
Sounds like you had a shit time, ha!


Haha. Poo free evening, and working from home today so a little more chill!

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On the verge of quitting my job.
Can’t take the goal posts moving again and again.
Bank accounts empty and they don’t pay on time.
Feel like a failure.


Dude. Don’t do anything too rash. How come they aren’t paying on time? What do you do


work for a courier service. was hired to do marketing and communication but ended up being lumped with human resource and recruitment. It’s a pretty shady outfit and I do my best to try and keep everything transparent between the management and the riders but at the end of the day it’s modern slavery and I’m sick of their mixed messages, lack of leadership and general disdain for the riders (long hours, shoddy equipment, irregular pay).
Righty now my only valid option is to continue as a part-timer doing their marketing but I find it hard to promote something that I know is corrupt. I also feel like they’re either going to stall any payments or re-negotiate my deliverables.
My initial contract was for 6 months. When that ended, it took them a month to actually renew the contract for a full time contract. Three months later I’m told they no longer have the budget for the full time contract and want to pass my recruitment stuff to another colleague…


Sounds like you need to tie up you loose ends and get out of there, looks like they are doing the old squeeze out


I quit.


Anything else lined up?


Nope. You hiring?


i could be here all day not-stoking about work colleagues and what they talk about but the absolute top of the pops is when they start banging on about ‘the states’. massive plates of food, amazing service, ‘oh i love it so much’, ‘i don’t gamble normally but when in vegas!!!’, cheesecake factory, ‘i bought so much abercrombie and fitch at the outlet…’
kill me.

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So glad everyone I work with is sound as fuck. When colleagues pay for your UberEats Maccers Breakfast I’m stoked.


where do you work @judithpriest ?

Check out the Parade online skate shop