Note - 'Lunch Break'

Filmed by Mike Busko and edited by Joe Gavin.


Joe Gavin continuing to prove why he’s one of the best things to happen to U.K skateboarding!


@BAGHEADCREW need to watch this.

Does Joe have a part?

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Rad video.
Have note put out the most videos as a shop in the uk? (Mischief second?)
Ben Peel and Lewis threadgold were the stand out parts for me.
Really liked the newspaper scrunchy title graphics.
Was sick to see the note window decal/shop in the background of the clips
Pigeon 2 eagle tee was rad, wish Dom had more footy though :cry:

@neddy yup

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If I remember correctly he has a split part or clips throughout, but this has to be his 500th video for Note haha

He’s easily got a good couple of minutes in there of ridiculous Joe Gavin shit. I’d deffo call it a part.

Great vid. One of the best note vids I’d say from first viewing. Will be rewatching for sure. Titles/editing was spot on

This was sick.

Really interesting to see how Manchester as a city has evolved since the big Manc scene videos of 10(ish) years ago. Lots of manual spots in this one. And Lincoln Square and the space around Note itself got a lot of shine too.

Fuck yes and a Threadgold part will watch this tonight. Love Note, great shop, try and spend pennies there where poss.

What happened to Sean Lomax?

Was just about to ask how much footy Lewis has! Will watch this later. Love Note, absolute legends.

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Glad to hear Lewis is still ripping, remember him as a tiny kid.

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Saw him at the prem for the this so he’s still around in Manchester.

I’ve seen him credited on short clips and wear tests for Note here and there. I get the impression he helps out with filming now and then maybe when Joe needs to be in front of the camera himself and needs someone on HD duties.

I could be completely wrong but I get the impression he might have hung up the full-length filmer gloves after Cottonopolis and does more non-skate stuff these days. Any knowledge, @anonymity?

I don’t really really know Mike Busko, who filmed this video, but the camera work is cracking throughout. Him and Joe have made an excellent duo on this production.

Finally had a minute to watch this in full.
The Manchester dream lives on.
Very good indeed.
Big up

Yep. Up there.