Note Shop - ‘New Normal’ Online Premiere FRIDAY 8:30pm

Premiering Friday, 8:30pm:

Making a thread partly to remind me (and everyone) to watch it. Could be funny to try and recreate a skate vid premier online somehow and get the live chat popping.

I’m guessing this is the New Joe Gavin vid?


It’s one of them! He’s got at least a couple in the works.

Very hyped for this! It’s just a shame we aren’t getting pissed in a hot and sweaty room with a bunch of rowdy skaters.

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buzzing for this

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Hope I can persuade my wife to watch this with me haha

5 minute heads up, stoked.


fucking belter that

Quality. Big up Note.

Killed it Joe :raised_hands:t2:


Grove in Axions. Makes sense that he’s involved since the Supra U.K. account turned into Axion U.K.

Grove is such an anomaly.
Truly a one off.

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Proper good vibe video! Mancs killin it as usual