OG New Deal

Interesting, although I think it’s been mentioned on here before. Odd Numbers are playing at the launch, sick.

And who’s behind this?:

We are excited to hear that there is a shop opening in London that will only Specialize in reissues.

Never knew about this 15 mins promo either

I loved New Deal boards.
Had one of these and it was quite different for boards of the time.
They started slimming down and adding some nose length.


Edit: and Useless Wooden Toys was pure inspiration.

loved the vids, still have useless and 1281 somewhere, armando and montessi. Obv vallely and templeton. Loved da deal is dead too but I only had a copy of that.

I’ll have a navy New Deal Square logo tee please.

really looking forward to seeing what turns up.
New Deal & Deathbox pretty much lured me from comics to skateboarding


Stuff looks good. Who knows if people who weren’t around at the time will be into or not.

The catalogue is more interesting based on some of the Almost graphics being surprisingly bearable and being reminded Darkstar is a thing.

Was never really into that first run of New Deal product. Seem to remember owning a Hendrix and a Douglas slick and all my old schoolbooks I’d copied Howell’s graphics onto tho, so must’ve liked it to some extent. I preferred H-Street more tho.

But who is going to buy this stuff? Just old dudes, yeah? There must be a huge market of all those dads with all that disposable income keen to get rid of the beer belly and using these decks as an excuse to get all the boards they never had when they were kids.

Where’s this reissue shop then? Anyone know? @anonymity?

Never mind all this, bLind jeans are back. I can see them doing ok

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Still got mine in mum and dad’s loft. IIRC you can fit a bottle of wine in EACH front pocket (top of bottle not visible).



I loved it at the time, had a burgundy logo sweater that I wore to death and the videos were dope.

We’ll see if this stuff does well, I’m not convinced theres a huge market for it meself.

Wouldn’t mind one of these to skate

It’ll be hit or miss relying on anything using nostalgia to sell. First of all it has to mean something too you from your past in the first place and much do you still care? That edit/promo felt at least 70% vert/ramp which was a warning sign. People didn’t get new boards very month back then, how many of the old dudes that stopped have still got their finger on the pluse of skating to know about it and care? I remember Planet Earth, H-Street and Death Box being bigger around here.

I don’t really want to walk into a nostalgia shop, drop a load of money to look like 13/14 year old me. I’d feel ridiculous. Unless it was the cosume shop in Mr Benn and I got a trip back to the 90s as13/14 year old me.

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Agreed. I had some Ghetto Wear cords. The pockets came down to the knees!

Oh man I think I might still have mine

Ive still got my templeton, with gullwing street shadows and street razor wheels in the garage!