‘Oh!’ By Danny Jackson -Norwich scene video

Grey skate mag have put out Danny Jackson’s Norwich centric ‘Oh!’.

Video closer Jasper Pegg’s interview from the latest grey has also just gone online:

Jasper, switch nose blunt


Well that was really really good then

Danny Jackson makes really good videos. Big fan!

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The pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre seems to have been a good thing.


That was ace - spots esp



Norwich has had an amazing scene for decades. So sick to see the newer generation handling Nik
Taylor shit so easily.
Big up


Posted before I’d finished watching.
This is excellent! Spots, skating, music, filming/editing.
So good.

That line with the fakie flip drop down fakie nosewheelie!

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Good old Nik Taylor. I always remember when his mrs left him for the fella from Coldplay, right when they first appeared and weren’t looked at as the next U2, when " Yellow " came out. So annoying seeing that Michael Fabricant on every billboard and TV when you’re brokenhearted.


The Crown Pools tricks are bonkers.
OG Ipswich spot still getting hammered.

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That’s wild

Bought this one on DVD when it came out. Loved it. All the B-Roll is so banging, too…really adds to it.

Good to see the Market spot still getting hit up, too!

I just watched it again before bed. Really top notch video. It’s just really well done and enjoyable throughout. 10/10.

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Love this video. I used to skate Norwich in the late 90s so it’s really nostalgic seeing old spots like the old law court banks still getting sessioned. Also, shout out to Jasper. I used to skate with him when he was a young’un, can’t believe he’s still ripping almost 25 years on!


Is Benny B in this??*

*What was that Norwich scene video from decades ago where they were all skating a DIY carpark ledge? Remember rinsing that.

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I need to watch this. Anything with Tom OD footage is mandatory. Insane skills.

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Nearly stopped watching because of head zoom. Come on filmer stop being a dick, just film the trick in the best way you can, i’m getting really bored of you all.
Anyway, i’m gonna watch because I want to support and learn about new skaters and i’m gonna be visiting Norwich more in the future etc. And first guy is

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I think you’re being overly zoom sensitive. It’s a form of Strobeck ptsd. Will fade over time. I thought the filming was fine.


yep, i’m hamming it up, this wasn’t that bad and when it’s done tastefully, you don’t notice. It just disappoints me that filmers feel they have to do it for whatever weird reason they have.

Have you tried moving away from the screen as the camera zooms in to counteract the effect?