Old school UK skate pics and footage

has anyone got any info or pictures of the pool in Neasden? it looked so much fun

Paul Davis, Harrow halfpipe. 79ish I reckon

I remember there being an article in Rad, but never skated it. Looked fun, but I don’t think it lasted long Found this of some people skating it in the rain.


holy fuck! thank you
way sicker than i’d imagined.
i saw a tiny pic - possibly in Skateboarding is not a Book - but that is glorious.

i read that its still there, just buried like the peanut bowl at Harrow

The Harrow Peanut is not buried :wink:

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Steve Douglas frontside rock n roll Harrow pool. 1980

Andy “Big Bird” Peerless. Peerless by name and peerless by nature. Harrow halfpipe 1980/81

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Andy Middleton, Uxbridge mini, early 90’s

Hugh Gurney at Backwoods, June 2016

Me myself and I lounging at the Rickyramp about 83


Jamie Blair, Harrow halfpipe 1979ish…

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Rodga Harvey, King Cross late 80’s.


Glenn Jefferies, Spandrel Skatedome, Uxbridge. 1977

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Mick Forster Harrow pool, October 1980