Opinions on YouTube companies vs Traditional.

Do you think some established Pro skaters and the industry in general hate companies like Revive or Braile skateboarding?
Or is just fans of skating who are not necessarily skaters themselves that create the hate?

My view is that because they revolutionised the way skating is done and the emergence of YouTube, that some people despise anything that is not done how it was in the 90’s early 2000’s.
They all do their own seperate things and business adventures outside of Revive skateboards yet they still will go and film video parts for the team. Yet still create there own content without being forced by your company to do demos, magazine covers etc. People argue they do not have the Talent yet John Hill was Flow for Birdhouse and have you seen Johnny Gieger the next Rodney Mullen

But I think there is a bit of hypocrisy in that all the 90’s skaters are now building indoor skatepark themselves and being apart of the berrics etc. Which in my opinion is no different than what Braille or Reive do. That and Braille have had pro skaters come to there warehouse and skated with Andy Mac and Bob Burnquist.

I am not a skater just a huge fan of the Skate scene who grew up in the 90’s era. However I am fans of the “goofy” YouTube content of Revive or Braille and I watch old and new skate parts to from the recognised board sponsors.

All I see these companies is they make boards and try and get kids and adults into skating. Plus they have some pretty good pros and have an excellent artist who designs there boards.

Just interested in people’s opinions.

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Their content is shit because it’s about landing the trick and moving on, rather than doing anything with any remote semblance of style. I guess those dudes didn’t grow up watching Keenan and Gino so it’s a shame that this ugly side of skateboarding is so big, but it’s good for little kids before they start understanding what skateboarding is actually about.

Also the people presenting those videos seem like total dickheads angling for a job on Saturday morning kids’ TV.


Might change this thread title to ‘Opinions on YouTube companies vs. real companies’, for clarity…


when you skate your warehouse so often, going “street skating” is a huge debacle that requires a title in all caps.

I think things have defiantly changed and alot of older established brands haven’t made the transition over or adapted as well as others.
But back when you had to make an actual choice to spend a few quid on a magazine or twenty on a half hour video, you expected some sort of quality control that some you tube brands (and even older companies) are defiantly lacking in now. When you have been used to that and suddenly your bombarded by rubbish on the internet its hard not to be disappointed.
I’ve forgotten what the point of my response was now but its all just dicking about on a kids toy at the end of the day.

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This. For those companies going street skating is a big deal that requires their team coming together and a whole special video dedicated to it

Having said that, my son and I enjoy watching a lot of their videos. It’s a cheap fantasy factory “what would you do if you had money and no sense”

Basically, for me it comes down to how cheesy and desperate someone is to how legit I feel they are to skateboarding. Nearly every YT skater is cheesy and desperate for those stats. The Whole Braille, Revive thing is interesting and while I think anyone can start up a brand and I applaud that, they don’t seem to have an ounce of integrity. Everything seems so false and geared to making content successful. And yeah, it has worked for them. Typical brands are maybe bitter because they have taken away potential sales from their companies, which is maybe a little unfair, Business is business and if some kid chooses one brand over another it’s not anyones problem. You can see the shift of online content taking centre stage and these random kids started utilising it first so they are seeing a return from their hard work. You can see brands trying to get in on that too and skaters going online to get their seratonin boost from likes too.

In Short, I think Braille and Revive, John Hill etc etc are fucking annoying. You can see right through their whole play, the way they build their content, the way it’s presented, it’s not for the love of skating, even though it’s obvious they love skating, it’s so they can make money and be liked or relevant, especially when none of them managed to be relevant in the industry. None of them were or ever will be good enough for the real industry, so they created an industry of their own and the people that follow it are skaters that also will never be good enough but they will try and carve their own niche.
Usually it’s the individual styled skaters that are the most desperate for recognition, that’s why they learn all the low impact technical stuff. Kids love that shit! that’s why these YT oddballs are successful.

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YouTube companies aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

I will see myself out.

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Internet paper.

What are you motives OP? Market research? You planning to be an online personality? Are you already one and you’re trying to argue your legitimacy case?

You know I get it, but at the same time I don’t dig it. I just hope kids that just started skating who watch these channels turn to watching actual skate vids.

It’s just the level of cringe it brings with it I can’t stand.

Might be the beginning of couch-enthusiasts in skateboarding.

Woah, that would be weird. Do we have the first signs of fans?

I’ve been one of those for years.


I think I am as well.

I understand why Braille and Revive are there. Its shit, easy click bait content that kids will like.

Its a pass from me, and I can’t be your mate if you skate one of their boards.

I’ve never seen anyone in one of these videos wearing important trousers. That makes them completely worthless in my book.


What’s the current Top 3 important trousers because my current trouser game is terrible. I need a black trouser and I just don’t know what i’m doing. I have a blue and black pair of jeans and that’s it.

Help please @jamjar.

FA or someone like that needs to put this on a t-shirt

The only thing certain is change and you can’t cling onto the old way of doing things forever.

Braille, Revive, I’m not into them, but it’s not what I was brought up on and some of the personalities grate on me.

You got to ask yourself why skate teams even exist any more when skateboarding is such an individual sport. Instagram and YouTube is perfect for promoting yourself and whoever markets themselves best will win, surely?

Can you imagine a load of snooker players or oil painters on a team? Just seems weird. Something to think about I guess


I call my look Road Dad. I don’t think you can go wrong with black Slazenger track pants from Sports Direct.

All the kids in South London seem to be rocking enormous trousers. Did you read the Pontus interview on the Slam blog? “All skaters had and have pant issues and it’s the worst thing.”

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