Out There: Elijah Berle

Give us some context @hugo

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Yeah ffs!! Come on.

Everyone was slating him as a Dylan clone and a try-hard.

Here is an insight into his life so you can either change your mind or not.

This is a good example of something that isn’t thread worthy. This video only makes sense in the context of Alright, Ok! and belongs in that thread.

Terminate this man’s mod rights, STAT!


hahaha fuck off.

Just get on with the shit talking.

Not a mod.

I still think Spanky is an idiot for removing me as a mod though.

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Skate Twitter is not happy with Elijah:


I’d love to see the twitter brigade actually say all that to his face . I have a feeling it would just be “ hey man , good part”

I do wonder how Elijah is taking the mass digs about his dress sense as it’s dwarfed his part. Hope he’s got thick skin

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I’d imagine being endorsed by Mariano, Dill, Ave etc would be good enough.

It seems he was born into a ‘surf bum’ kind of thing and so I’m slightly less bothered by it now.

The whole beat generation vibe is a bit jokes though.

porsche, somebody’s doing alright.

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This 100% is part of the Alright, OK thread.

Let’s start new threads for videos that aren’t related to ones that already have threads, and ones that are good enough to get talked about long after the next video and the next one and the next one has appeared.