Pablo Ramirez

GX1000 head. Poor guy. Hope his friends and family will be ok through this

According to the SF chronicle article, he’d literally just left the court where they were hearing the trial of that guy who hit the security guard with his board.

Gnarly times.

Fuck, that’s terrible.

What happened with that other dude?

Holy shit that security guard’s head Security guard left with brain injury after fight with skateboarders in SF

Horrible. Just horrible. What a total waste. Just totally and utterly avoidable and now some truck driver is going to be fucked up for life.

It’s horrible to be proved so right.

Stay off the roads kids. It will take one mistake in one instance to ruin two families lives.

C’mon les mate. You could say that about skateboarding in general. If you truly believed that shit why don’t you wear a helmet every day. I get your point but it’s totally unnecessary.

Go fucking fast and get some. RIP Pablo. Live every day how you want. People have the right to choose how they live.


You could say that about anything, crossing the road, anything.


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Dying on my skateboard > one of the thousands of people that die in car accidents every day

Hillbombing most days and being as responsible as I can > never hillbombing

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Dickhead comment that

Fucking tragic situation


At this point its not very fair to judge decisions. The dude is dead.

He was bombing hills, we have all done it.

I was unfortunate enough to be on a trip where a guy slammed bombing a hill, hit his head so hard he lost sense of taste and smell - fucking scary to watch. It was dark, but road was clear. We make decisions and live by the consequences.

It’s like someone ODing and immediately saying, told you Heroin would kill you at some point.

Also just feels like taking a horrible situation that has obviously fucked up a fair few peoples live permanently and just turning it around so it’s about you

‘look how clever and smart I am!! I knew this would happen, I’m always right!!!’


heavy shit man

Maybe he was just skating across the street. I’m sure he doesn’t bomb hills like in the videos every day.


I think the story is he was skitching, something happened and he got run over by a lorry behind him.

Ok so not very smart but still, it was an accident. It could have been avoided but so can most things.


Oh man, the photo of his deck and shoe just laying there.

Hmm, This whole situation is fucked but that photo is kind of misleading IMO.

Fucking awful for everyone involved. Rip in peace. Some of the Facebook comments are awful. Play with fire… Etc.
Hill bombing, skitching and skating in general you take risks but the dangers tend to feel like broken bones at the worst, never death. Such a shame that he paid the ultimate price.

Yeah was skitching up hill and got ran over by another lorry, sounds fucking horrendous

Such a shame what a rad geezer