Palomino is hiring.

I was just on the Free Skate Mag site and there’s an ad that might interest someone out there.

As we all know Palomino is the shit.


Ha fuck, I would totally be up for this if I was in the UK

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Mini ramp is a pretty shit hot job perk :grin:

Stoked to see The Palomino grow. Always been really impressed that Nick gives a shit about how his product is sent out and received from the early days and that has never changed. You won’t get a pair of trucks being posted sat against the front cover of a book and damaging it, for example.

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Ffs I just started a new job. (Just seen salary) Great opportunity though!


Nick is the best. Glad to see he’s in a position to grow Palomino even more. I have no doubt that a deep knowledge about Steve Bull will help any potential candidate.

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