Party Tricks

Here, what’s your best party trick?
I can sing really quite beautifully in a chipmunk-helium way.

Weird, just watched an episode of Modern Family and they all perform party tricks. Missus asked what mine would be and I said ‘i don’t know’.


Sitting in the corner only talking to the same two people


I can do a rubik cube pretty quick like 1 minute.


Arm wrestling

I can’t get below 1 minute. Only got the usual algo’s down, no elite shortcuts.
Not sure it’s possible to get it done under say 40seconds using the normal method.

Being invisible.

Because I don’t go to parties.


I could do the jump through my own leg dance move. Now no one asks me to come to the parties.

You are the first one to break something by skating it at parties. First one to climb things and fall into heaps then go and find a corner to hibernate in.

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I will be the first one up for karaoke every single time and I will smash Earth Song right off the bat.

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I used to be pretty good at making all the drugs disappear.

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They were supposed to be for everyone.