A pinch of salt is better, it will add flavour and stop it sticking.

God imagine if we were discussing bearing ABEC ratings on here


How good is olive oil with a big old load of balsamic and a crusty chunk or bread though.


Well you have to add salt to things otherwise whatever your having would taste of arseholes.

Used to do the olive oil in the water ting but didn’t want to waste olive oil and wasn’t sure if it did owt! Def salt that shit up. The Italians hate Olive oil in the pan, but apparently are down the the salty af water. Also a drizzle of extra virgin once done is the best. I sometimes worry I eat too much olive oil and it’s a health risk, am I paranoid? The stuff I got in Palestine was squeezed out the olives and straight into my bottle, it was bright green and tasted so good. They eat it like it’s a dip out there, straight onto flatbreads and into the mouth, got me hooked since.

Edit: side note, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt- scranned with some bread is the best bad snack (sourdough if I’ve been payed recently)


Also predominantly eat farfalle pasta now solely because when I’m buying it I think of Alan Partridge.

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All my pasta knowledge comes from Pasta Grannies and they never add oil to water - but always salt

salt to the water, stir it all immediately after putting it in the water, no oil and do not rinse after straining as it removes the starch (this means that any sauce you add won’t just slide off the pasta).

I fucking love cooking.

With you here. [quote=“ultimateLAD, post:5, topic:868”]
Main thing I think British people don’t do is to put enough salt in when cooking.

Mrs agrees. Soy sauce and salt feature heavily in her cooking. [quote=“ultimateLAD, post:12, topic:868”]
Salt is the way to do that

Salt lowers the boiling point.

You heard right, olive oil’s smoke point is too low for most cooking applications. Stick to rapeseed or groundnut for frying, use that delicious olive oil for salad or seasoning.


I rinse the pasta with hot water afterwards, then splash of oil on pasta - toss - and serve. Not about that starch.

No olive oil in water when cooking.
You can pour olive oil over your pasta once it’s cooked depending on what sauce you’ll have it with.

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Good god. What the fuck is wrong with you people


I sense some kind of remain/leave rift amongst the pasta chefs here


It gets all stinking and sticky otherwise.

Dude what do you put in the water

The pasta?

I’m not gonna lie, I used to put olive oil in my water when cooking pasta until my girlfriend’s uncle told me I didn’t need to do that. Homeboy was a chef for about 50 years and cooked all over the world. When he tells you how to cook something, you listen carefully and take note.

Yer pasta and salt

I’m with ya on the starch front dude!

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