Peter Hewitt career retrospective part

I know without watching that this is thread-worthy.
Nobody skates like him.


Seconds away from posting this. Pure fun.

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For a skater with so much finesse his ‘I am expecting to knock myself out’ style is so pervasive.

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P.s. [/cmoac] I watched the ender line happen with my own eyes. Absolutely fucking insane.


Love me some Phewitt.

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Fuck yeah I don’t watch much footy these days but enjoyed the shit outta that.

Frontside 5 at the end was amazing


Am I right in saying that was a unit?

I might be wrong but I thought a unit was where you inverted on your hand mid way through like a miller flip but went 540.

The fs 540 used to be referred to as a mudskipper back in the day when Barry Abrook did them. I’ve always seen it referred to as a frontside 540 more recently but that’s because vert nomenclature is notoriously esoteric.
Happy to be corrected though

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I’ve heard mudskippwr too. Dont think unit has hand on the coping but it was early grabbed. Billy Ruff did em. I probably just didn’t notice the hand!

Unit is like a 540 miller flip

Also remember mudskipper

Didn’t we start calling this one a rodeo after snowboarding?

That clip is almost 30 years old

Peter Hewitt has one of the best frontside grinds of all time

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Here’s a Billy Ruff one. Understandable why I didn’t remember the hand! About 40 seconds in.

This is so good. I’d forgotten how dope he is.

Was the rumour of him getting kicked off Nike for weed true?

Best arms

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Yep! The “I’m ready to eat shit” arms are amazing.

Hewitt has always been such a favourite.
That final 540 is something which just blew me away forever. So big and the only person on earth who would decide that doing it that close to the edge of the ramp is a good idea. Makes is SO much gnarlier.

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I remember @jimo describing him as ‘fighting Irish’ which I thought was apt.


I think I remember John Robinson talking about when he was at skate camp in the US about 1991-ish I think. He said Peter Hewitt was best skater he’d ever seen in his life (he was there as well). Did some bananas transfer apparently.

And obviously he’s a fucking unit

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