Plese Read! School Assignment!

Dear fellow skaters,
My name is Thomas. Ive been skating for around half a year now and I still enjoy it very much. Lately however I started college. I had an idea to include my hobby of skating in some of the assignments I got there. This resulted in a skateboard with a LED strip. The ledstrip aims to simulate lightning. Because this is still a prototype, the leds arent integrated in the skateboard yet. This however is something I plan to do in the future. The leds will be mounted under a clouded epoxy layer, this way I can pour out a lightning shape and keep the rest wooden. Then I can paint a cool artwork around the epoxy to really make the artwork pop. To finish the assignment I would like to know opinions of skaters about this project. Do you like it? Love it? Or maybe hate it! And, would you buy such a deck for say, 20-30$ more? (assuming it lasts as long as “traditional” decks). Any reccomendations, ideas, tips and also critique is more than welcome. If you have any questions regarding this projects which you would like to know, do not hesitate to ask them.
I thank you for your time reading this and for your possible comment in the comment section.
Video link:IMG 8600 - YouTube (a video of one of the many possible animations I made for the ledstrip)

Stay rolling,

Personally I would spend about $185 maximum on this. Very nice idea


I’m sure i remember someone producing risers with lights in once.
This might be a fun idea if you can get a small enough power supply that can take a beating.
One problem you might find is that the structural integrity of the board might be compromised if you inlay the led strips. $30 seems pretty cheap too.
Personally I wouldn’t get one as I’m old.

Yes, the washed up old farts on here won’t be into it. Don’t be put off by that, though. I have seen wheels with lights in, tail devils that make sparks when you drag the tail, all sorts of stuff. Younger kids especially love all that kind of thing.

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You could use it as a sort of art piece or a lamp for your living room or similar. You see trucks getting used as loo roll holders and stuff