Plumbing help

Any plumbers out there? Or people with remote clue?

I am setting up a temporary kitchen and have a bog standard IKEA mixer tap I need to connect to hot/cold supply

I just need to get flexible hoses right? Any length ok? Do they have to be jazzy/braided?

Also just been randomly looking and I think I need male to male but seem less available than M to F, is that normal? Or I just get some kind of adapter?

Mixer tap hose ends:

Supply pipe ends:

flexible tap connectors usually come in half inch or three eighths of an inch. can’t tell from your ruler picture but looks three eighths.

not sure what you’re considering male or female but generally the ones i’ve used both ends of the connector have a nut to tighten onto a thread

in my old house i had one with a special compression fitting that can go right onto a copper pipe

do you have a plumbing centre anywhere you can try?i find it useful to look at things in person. i hate picturing things off of shopping sites

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I hate plumbing measurements, because although that looks about 21mm on the supply which is close-ish to 7/8 inch, I assume its actually 1/2inch BSP - British Standard Pipe, although Estonia and Ikea have thrown my confidence a bit there.

so in summary, I don’t know.

The ikea mixer hose is 15mm (1/2") for sure as that’s from the instruction manual. It’s the other connection I’m not sure about

this is another reason why I hate plumbing measurements because even though thats true in this case, 1/2" is 12.7mm /nerd

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All because of the unelected beaureacrats in Brussels. This will all get simpler once we leave the EU and can go back to using the King’s British Imperial units.


1 pence coin size pipe, 2 pence coin size pipe - simple

*Posts the two Ronnie’s ‘Four Candles’ sketch…