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Just copped this for £30 :man_shrugging:


Everybody on this earth is on that “spectrum” it’s called being human. There is no diagnosis that fits us all, it’s just lots of chemicals all at unique levels making a concoction that determines who we are. That coupled with conditioning and experience makes us the freaky selves we are.

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Had a 2nd round interview today for a job, which I feel I’ve got a pretty good chance of getting offered. The people seem nice, but it’s £5k less than I was on and the work isn’t that interesting. But, I need a job, so if I get offered it I’d take it.

But, this Friday I’ve also got an interview for a job I’d love, which is paying 10-15k a year more. It’d be a step up for me career wise as well, so definitely less chance of me actually getting it.

Theoretically, how bad would it be to accept a job and then give back word a week later if I somehow miraculously got the other job - if that situation was to happen? I know it’d be very annoying for the organisation, and it’d burn a bridge, but people do that right?


If it was me I’d probably just drag my heels a bit on accepting it until I heard from the other one.


Use both interviews as leverage.
Mention for Job 1 that you’re still interviewing and will be doing another one next week, don’t mention the figures.
Do the same for Job 2, again don’t mention the figures. However, let yourself subtly reveal that this is the job you’d prefer of the 2 due to factors X, Y and Z.

There’s absolutely every chance you can get it - all you need is to fulfill 70-80% of the job criteria. If you had all of the skills, then you should be looking for a more senior role than what’s advertised. Basically, you wouldn’t have got the interview if the company peeps didn’t think you could do it.

Equally, don’t sack off the idea of taking Job 1 yet, as you can’t guarantee the first one at all.

You’ve got this!


Maybe you could say you’re waiting on hearing back from job 2 before you make a decision. And that decision would be a lot easier if they bumped you up 5k as well.


Its 100% part and parcel of interviewing. Nothing is done until you sign contracts and even then what are they going to do?

I did the same when interviewing for a promotion. Got the other external job offered after two rounds and testing but politely said id had a counteroffer so had refuse but thanks anyway.

Currently applying for a new job to leverage a payrise at my current one.

Fuck it, youve got to play the game a bit, theyd shaft you in a heartbeat so its fair enough for you to position yourself i reckon


Also, the interview stage is the easiest place to negotiate a pay rise


Job 1 haven’t made their offer yet, so you’ve got a bit of time to play with.

Like Ciaran said, I would let them know you’re interviewing with other opportunities.

If/when Job 1 present you with an official offer letter, you don’t need to sign it on the spot - particularly if you’re still in process with Job 2.

Job 1 may put some pressure on and put a time limit on their offer, but if you’ve been upfront with them about interviewing elsewhere it’s unlikely.


Thanks for all the advice. It’s the pressure of needing a job that’s making me think, shit got to take whatever gets offered to me first, because paying my mortgage with my savings is not sustainable for much longer lol. But I definitely need to play the game a bit, if I can

To complicate things further, just got a third interview lined up for Monday…


That’s a strong position to be in!


Or it could be triple disappointment

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True, I did that last proper job I had, while also persuading them I wasn’t too old for the job. I really wanted the job too. Bit of confidence is actually reassuring to the employer I reckon d

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Nah its a safety net. You have other options so you wont be too stressed in the interviews.

I did that, had an offer for a job when I went into the interview so was really chilled and got a second offer


FFS no.

Three different job interviews in a week? Awesome, you’ve got the skills. And even if the worst case scenario comes to pass, there’ll be more in January.

To quote warrior philosopher Troy McClure, “Get confident stupid!”


Coming up to 5 years no gambling and was given a free entry into a $40 million poker tournament in Vegas. Starts on 15th.

Have had some private coaching from a pro but not been able to practice what I’ve learned since I don’t gamble. It’s literally a one off shot at mega bucks.

Tonight in Prague I played a free tournament for media people and came 5th out of 50 so got a little practice before I fly to Vegas in the morning.

Not sure why I’m posting about it here since none of you are probably interested in Poker but you guys are my friends and if you wish me luck I’ll buy you a new setup if I win.


Best of luck Hugs

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You can have some shoes too :grinning:


All the best. Remember not to lift your eyebrows and say ‘wowzers!’ when you get a good hand.


“European research group” sounds like one of those megadonor funded Brexit think tanks

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