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Sainsbury’s are no longer carrying sweet chili powder at their fishmonger’s section. What a fucking travesty! Tried to make my own and it’s just not the same.

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2nd Alan Partridge was really good I thought. Needless to say Alan had the last laugh

Anyone work in nutrition or know anyone who does?

my missus is going on about a career change and keeps going on about doing a nutritionist course. it costs money and there is no job at the end. to me it seems like a bit of a dead end idea but shes well into it.

anyone know anyone who actually makes money being a nutritionist?

A good friend of mine has a degree in nutrition and works in Temple St. childrens hospital in Dublin. The first couple of years of the degree were shared with medicine before specialising in nutrition, so there was a lot of hard work, study, swotting and exams. Not easy, but she reaped the rewards.
A couple of years ago, my lady was considering a career change, and she had an interest in doing something similar, on a part-time basis to manage around kid and work. There was a bunch of “nutritional therapy” (BIG difference) courses going on in our area of Bristol at the time which she started looking into and they all turned out to be homeopathic - she sent the details over to our nutritionist friend who warned her to avoid at all costs as they weren’t backed by science and medicine, as it’s homeopathic nonsense. Effectively, she’d have found it close to impossible to get working in the NHS, or equivalent abroad, and wind up in a private studio/practise with little oversight, yet alone reputation or value.

To be fair, this is what we thought and she left it at that. For me anyway, homeopathy is a step below flat earth theories and anti-vaccination with zero scientific backing or evidence and not worth the time.

Dr Ben Goldacre writes a lot about Bad Science and his blog posts on homeopathy and nutritional therapy are worth a read.


this is my concern with it really, shes looking to do a course recommended by the British nutrition something or other that is apparently recognised by whoever… but like you say all i can see is her trying to get her own thing going as in my mind the only recognised qualifications are things like degrees and such.

i mean is nutritionist even a job you could apply for with out a recognised degree? sports nutrition will be specialised and regular nutrition though medicine i imagine.

just as i thing i always see stuff like this as people who are into looking after themselves etc are into nutrition in that they give a shit about what they eat to a degree. people who would need help with nutrition generally dont give a fuck thats why they are in the boat they are in .

so unless you go towards sports nutrition which is back to a degree again there is no real market for it

The little I know…

Registered Dieticians (RDS) are the only qualified health professionals that help diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems with both healthy and sick people. Their title is protected by law, you need to get a BSc Hons in Dietetics, or a related science degree.

Anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist. They are not allowed by law to call themselves dieticians. So a lot of it, is not worth the paper it is written on. So I’d be carful about chucking a lot of money at a course.

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Eat more Veg. £50 please.

Eat more beef keith. Free

Don’t give out next months advice for free!

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cherry lucozade rules

Who are we still missing from the old forum?

hard to say will all the name changes.



Weed is haven, haven is weed.

Seismic Egg? Has his anti-social media stance spelled the end?

He skates with whymylegs, I could get a message to him via them, yeah?

I thought he was now ‘ungobbled pork’ but I may be wrong
Is it tatchelling if it’s one username to another?


Anybody know much about cookies? I looked at a job on a recruitment site earlier and then got an email from them about an hour later. Coincidence or cookie?