Powell Dragon formula and Bones X-Formula

I assume these are both exactly the same. Always thought it was weird it was released under Powell first but maybe they were just testing the water to see what reception was like before selling under Bones brand?


Edit: these seem to have started appearing in September 2022, sorry if I’m a bit late to the party

Someone reviewed them on the Slap Wheels thread, towards the bottom of the page:

I think X formula are a bit harder at 97a, while the dragons are 93a.

I’ve a set of Dragons that I use on rough crusty stuff. They do the job, but are not as good as normal hard wheels on smoother surfaces.

97a wheels used to be the standard for ‘hard’ wheels in the late 1980s. Might just be an old Powell formula, rather than anything innovative. Not quite sure who these X wheels are pitched at?

I had a roll on my friend’s x formula 97a. They take the edge off rough ground and slide very well. They also make a sound when sliding which the dragon formula 93a hardly do.

There’s now a 99a Bones x formula wheel coming out. I don’t quite see the point, thought these new wheels were just about being soft but still slidey. Maybe it’ll be better than the Spitifire f4 99a though, although that’s quite an ask.

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