Primitive - DAYDREAM

Pretty mad moves in this.

Made Wallenberg look like an actual 4 stair :joy:


I’ve only watched the first guy so far but my jaw was on the floor. He’s incredible. The opener and ender are fucked.

The team montage can be skipped but the last trick is a pretty beautiful switch front blunt down a handrail.

The next guy summed up in a frame:

…Actually they front loaded his part with the stinking mosha stuff. The last tricks were pretty amazing. The switch back heel was a beast and his ender was very very nice.

Dylan Jaeb(?) Does every trick absolutely perfect. Literally perfect. Not a hair out of place on anything.


Will I ever watch it again? Of course not.


Some bangers in that. First kid was very good, not my thing really, but the flick and catch on that ender was perfect. I liked Kyonosuke’s bony hunchback style, it was a nice contrast to the utter perfection of Jaeb, who is very, very good. Looking forward to seeing the rough cut of the fakie flip.

Would have liked to have watched it without getting ads for Bister Village, but such is the world we live in now.

liked the second guy the best, he had an older vibe about him, barely any current tricks like infinite noseslide nollie heelflips out or backside bigspins.

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Well, this was pretty surprising. I definitely didn’t expect to see more Swiss spots than LA schoolyards!

Those kids were incredible and while their skating is definitely about hammers, they really seem to have fun. Good vibes and not too much B-roll shit. Well done Primitive.


I watched this earlier.

First guy was the best.

Second guy part could have been edited better as there was some really great stuff but felt like they chucked everything in and watered it down a bit.

The last guy is too good and too perfect that there’s no flavour. I like to see people look like they’re trying.

I noticed that. What is the link? Seems pretty random. Maybe it was Jon Wolf? He lives there these days and has filmed a lot of Primitive dudes over the years.

I thought that Kyonosuke style was reminiscent of Eetu Toropainen. Same bouncy über-control ability…

Really enjoyed that. Some absolutely face melting tricks at world famous spots - both Thrasher covers at Holywood High and Wallenberg.

Kyonosuke was my favourite part though. It caught me of guard when it switched from the quirkier type of creative skating to hucking down big rails and stairs, which it looks like he can do just as well!

I don’t know Jon Wolf, what does he do and where does he live?

Filipe (and quite possibly Kyonosuke, I can’t remember) came to the Segment Festival in Lausanne in September as it was part of the qualifications for Paris, I imagine they made the most of their stay here.

Ah, yes - the September Olympic Qualifier. That makes sense.

Jon Wolf -

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Saw someone wearing a grey Venture Awake hoody in this, need one ASAP someone link me up?

Banging vid also

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Spoiler Alert: He lands it!


Maybe I’d cry if I could do skateboarding like that but christ all a bit dramatic innit?


Yes! Venture clothing is elite level, it’s just a shame they don’t make it on good quality garments any more. Have had long discussions about this with Trix at CSC.

The bails are more impressive than the make. How people can just jump backwards down flights of stairs like that and walk away I will never understand.

Ah really, didn’t know that. Probably just bootleg myself one instead

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