Protect the ramp.

That looks fun as hell, your kid is a lucky chap. Props.

That looks like paradise.

I’d risk my legs again for a roll on that.
Looks amazing.
Glad it held up through a test wetting and breezes.

Glad to hear the ramps still alive. There used to be a micro ramp like that at the skatepark in Lyon. For a transition noob it was great to feel like you actually knew how to ride transition. I’m jealous.

Can I also recommend the OP for starting a worthy first thread? Well done.


Well I worked out, other than rolling round on longboards a bit over the past couple of years, I had basically started to become old. I stopped skating ‘proper’ at 17 which looking back was a shame as there’s nothing like it. Between peer pressure, being told to grow up, get a job and it not being seen as a sport I moved to mtb and surfing. So roll forward 28yrs, loose 3 stone in weight and install a pacemaker you kinda realise you only get one go round in life. So the regret of stopping ‘stopped’ and the need to enjoy skating, and be healthy with my kids, kicked in. Plan now is to ride this as it is then in spring I’m going to move the shed out the way, increase the deck so I can stretch the ramp and increase the flat section from 4ft to 8ft and widen the ramp to 12ft. So it’ll be 2ft x 12ft x 20ft. Probably widen the platforms as well to 4ft each end (for manuals). I’m riding a McGill flight deck (with OG graphics) Indy’s, Powell rib bones shod on 53mm v4 bones. My first board was a McGill so it had to be done!

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You don’t start longboarding because you get old, you get old because you start longboarding


Powell retro graphics are so good.
Probably purely from a nostalgia point of view as I’m not into skulls and dragons etc but these images have a special place in my heart.
I loved the Tommy Guerro dagger in particular.

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Now I’m not sure when the next plan will begin ‘but’… I’m clearing out my garage and will be creating a plywood flat section on it as I get bored with the gym everyday and I can’t ride the ramp in the dark of winter / wet. Why do star jumps and burpees when you can get just as much exercise, if not more, doing flat land tricks? And there’s a real sense of achievement. Initial plan is I’m going to ‘relearn’ what I see as the 5 main flatland tricks. Ollie, frontside 180 Ollie, backside 180 ollie, shove-it, frontside pop shove-it and then learn the two tricks I could never get - kick and heel flip (when I was younger I always rode transition). Now I can already do the first 3, albeit pretty sketchy, as my muscle memory ain’t what it used to be so each trick will be restarted using skater trainers first. I’m thinking I might use the GoPro and create a YouTube channel to chart progress on this adventure in parallel with the ramp - if nothing more for me to look back on it and for my kids to learn how to edit footage. For this form of ‘exercise’ I’ve got an Almost Mullen 7.75 Pets board with tensor mag lights ‘low’ trucks and 50mm spitfire formula four 101d wheels… and more pads and straps than a riot cop. I will definitely update everything as I go!!

The Lance Mountain ‘Crest’ was another classic… I loved them all!

This is probably the first Lance graphic I saw.

I had this one…image

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I had the lance crest as well, in white. My second ‘proper’ board.

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Any recommendations on best type of ply for a mini? Mates building one in his garden.

Also anyone know where to get hold of pool coping?

Top sheet, 6mm birch ply usually £40+ a 1220x2440 sheet if you got the money for it. The base sheets 6/9mm marine ply or treated (yourself) WBP ply.

Not sure about pool coping but I know there will be many responses after mine :+1:t2:

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