Quasi-Grand Prairie



This is good. 20 min video and then 30 mins of random b-roll.

Skating was sick. Not earth shattering but very enjoyable.

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That was a good video with some rad skating. Enjoyed the clip at Tony Soprano’s driveway.


That was great.

Some great crusty spot killing in this

Just watched it all - that was great.
Weird how many different shoe brands Bledsoe was wearing though eh?
Should’ve stuck with etnies.

Also, no Al Davis?

Long-term injury but also potentially cancelled.

Dope and very rewatchable! Stoked on footage filmed in the Midwest and the Richmond area, always looks good.

Slap thread about rape accusations. Can understand them distancing themselves

Did you see Justin Henry’s car? Looked like a nice 500SL?

Sick video, Bobby DeKeyzer was the main event for me. Justin Henry is amazing but I don’t really like his style. Not enough Jake.

I thought I was the only one. Something iffy about both him and Josh Wilson.

I really liked Dane Barkers part, he has such a nice way of flicking his tricks.
It felt like a proper team video, which is great.

I really liked that. BDK, Bledsoe and Dick Rizzo stoked me out. The only downside?

It’s the tucked in shirts and lankiness I think

BDK is such an unfortunate new nickname, I keep thinking BTK every time I see it written which is grim obviously

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Imagine being the one person to dislike this video?

He left the forum too