Quick poll: do you run an ad blocker?

Just wondering if it’s worth me running ads.

So do you run an ad blocker?

  • Yes and I wouldn’t pay to hide ads
  • Yes and I would pay to hide ads
  • No and I wouldn’t pay to hide ads
  • No and I would pay to hide ads
  • No idea what ad blocker is or if I use one

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When I say pay I mean like maybe £1-£2 a month to help keep the site up.

What about on mobile?

  • I use adblocker on desktop
  • I use adblocker on mobile
  • Don’t use on either
  • No idea if I use ad blocker on the option I didn’t select

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Results are anonymous btw, I can’t see who voted for what.

I have a pi-hole on my home network such is my hate of Internet ads.

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For your second question, the aforementioned pi-hole is a network wide blocker so my mobiles and computers all pass through it and the ads are stripped out.

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I do run an ad blocker via my vpn, but I’d happily turn it off when I visited the forum if it helped


I’d turn mine off for here.

At the moment I got some amazon ads showing, so you’d not only have to show the ads but click on them and buy something for this to make any cash!

Same as Cookdandbomdd used to be.

Sorry I made a mistake. Please deduct one “Yes and I wouldn’t pay” and add a “Yes and I would pay” thank you.

I run an ad blocker on my work PC and my macbook at home. If I knew how to run one on my mobile. I’d run one on that too! However, I would gladly turn it off for this site, equally while I am not a heavy user of the site, I’d gladly pay a modest monthly sub to help with the running costs!

Will announce the monthly tiers available very very soon, literally working on it right now…

I run Safari (stuck in my ways) for some stuff like the forum with no ad blocker, but use chrome for streaming films and football on the sly with blocker and YT, ect.

I run Nord on web and mobile but will turn it off depending on what I’m doing (or not doing)