Quick Release Skateboard Wheels

Would you guys think that quick release skateboard wheels is a good idea? It would minimise the time spent to replace wheels when broken. Just wondering if it is a good idea for my Tech GCSE.

Not especially, for me. I do occasionally swap wheels (massive and soft for cruising to work, normal wheels for proper skating) but it’s no great hassle to use a tool to do so.

Tool free removal is useful on my bike as the wheels come out more often either for transport in the car or for repairs (eg a puncture) but neither of these is relevant when skating, unless you carry spare wheels (and possibly bearings, which can need a tool to remove) in case you flat spot, which I can’t imagine many people do.

Tool free truck adjustment might be more useful, as it always takes me ages faffing to get new trucks just so.

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Thank you, what is meant by truck adjustment? Is that for taking out the trucks/swapping the wheels?

Adjusting the kingpin – loosen and tighten the bolt.

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What he said. It’s not exactly a killer to carry a tool around though tbf.

Out of curiosity, how would you engineer a QR wheel?

That’s what I was thinking, you would have to modify the truck aswell which may cause problems. That’s why I wanted to see if it was a valid product.

The only way I can see to do it would be a wingnut which a) already exists and b) would likely rip massive lumps out of my shins when failing tricks (which is most of the time).

The only way I can see that you could use a bike style one would be to have a hollow axle which I figure is not ideal, plus you’d have a QR lever at one end just waiting to get caught and released or dig a chunk out of your leg.

You could maybe modify the end of the axle for a push / twist fitting but it would be hard to get the right tension on the bearings and I’m not sure I’d trust it. Plus as said before, it feels a bit like a solution looking for a problem.

You could always just go full Daewon and not bother bolting your wheels on I guess.

Tracker trucks did this in the early 90s, under the guise of being lightweight.

Solving problems that don’t exist.

Realistically once you put a board together you rarely touch the wheels or trucks.

Only scenario I know of people changing wheels frequently is filmers, so a pretty small market there.

Can’t you get those slip on wheel thingies too? They look terrifying.

Yep, never been an issue, if anything quick release is asking for trouble I reckon

If you want to design something useful, griptape that doesn’t cane your shoes but keeps the same grip or a tailsaver that doesn’t effect feel in any way would be more like it. Or beer that doesn’t cause a hangover

For my GCSE technology project thingy i made a ‘skate box’ a tool box for your board! basically an mdf box to put a spanner in, designed to fit between your trucks. It was pap.
I should of built a jump ramp.

… and paid more attention in English


have/of who cares! I’m dyslexic as fuck and somehow I now spend all day every day writing reports about shit trees. I should have become an engineer or got into IT.

Did you finish that sentence? Just that there is no full stop.



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Maybe an easy way to remember which is right would be to think if you’d type would’f and should’f rather than would’ve and should’ve?

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