R-Kade Closing Down


R-Kade skatepark in Redcar is shutting down at the end of the month. Pretty gutted, was the only decent indoor in the north east for a long time. 19 years in the biz. Good luck to everyone who works there in finding something new.

Wow, that place looks incredible. And it’s so clean. Like a video game.

Really fun park (when it was all really low stuff). Gutted it’s gone.

They are closing the skatepark but not the building. It’s being turned into a lazer tag thing. I guess a skatepark isn’t financially viable for them at the moment.

apart from each of them transitions are 5/6ft and actually quite overwhelming/scary for a n00b

Gutted, have moved away now, but went for one of Dave’s jams there not that long ago, and skated the really wide small spine mini thing was always really fun.

Only indoor park we could skate for years, and we used to get hour and a half trains to hit it. Used to have to blag it when I was under 16 and didn’t have a parent etc and would always nearly get turned down at the door after all that mission. The owners are so rad and the loveliest people, hope their new venture sorts them out! I’ve always been surprised Redcar can support an indoor for all these years, the towns been fucked in recent years and can’t imagine the scene is that big

4motion opening can’t of helped. Remember it winning park of the tour on Blueprint’s ‘Belong tour’ … then they messed it up for the éS (Koston, P-Rod, McCrank) one. No-one was a massive fan of the new improvements as well unfortunately.
We skated it before it opened it’s doors for business. We’d sneak in for a look around and the owners were cool with it.
The scene wasn’t really Redcar, it was M’boro, Stockton, Darlo, Northallerton, etc… like I said 4motion opening kind of took that a way. It was, you’d go to Mischief then Redcar, now it’s you go to Legacy and 4motion.

Pretty sure the Belong tour happened after the es one.

I think Fortnite fucked R-Kade. They were relying on scooterers for the majority of their customers and scootering hasn’t maintained its popularity it seems. I also think the redesign a few years ago was a bit of a misstep - they went for big obstacles when the trend was for smaller, easier to skate stuff.

E sports venue with a skatepark on the side seems a good idea

They messed it up with the ‘Koston mushroom’ drive way thing, straight after that, as it was forever known and the downfall began, so you’re right. Taking my kids to 4mo on a Sunday morning is the new ‘soft play’ for kids. So the market is there. Hey, all the hot mums from the school yard now hang out in the skate park, bonus.