Random pictures


Do I really need to check the real YT vid to see Spanky? Is he that much of a bellend? He must be for me to believe that he is more likely to do that than this be a shop ha!

“Do you think Steven Hawking was seen as the balck hole of the family?”

You’re gonna need to break the news at some point.

It’s actually a nice change seeing a cartoon that looks like that that isn’t Brexit/refugee related. I was looking for the politics in it for a minute.

Don’t show him the volcanic island scene from the latest Jurassic World film for a while yet.

ha, yeah I caught my eldest lads gaze as that was happening. quickly sneaking a tear wipe.

Jeez, just realised who you are. Glad you’re here. Anybody missing?

Haha, sorry, I assumed it would be fairly obvious so never parped up

Are you mush?

of sorts

not THE Mush though, i’m more G

If you don’t mind people knowing can you post your old username as I think some folks are a bit put off posting not know who some of the users are.

Cheers G

Bankskater/Peeps/Grotbags mush/Condescending rupert/Seismic egg etc etc etc :wink:

You didn’t believe me. :disappointed_relieved:

I did it just didn’t want to tatchell