Remove ads, get access to work-safe themes and support the forum from £1.50 a month


I’m currently running this site out of my own pocket but would like it to sustain itself. Currently you’re being bombarded with ads, but support the forum, for as little as £1.50 a month ($2USD) you can browse ad-free. Contribute a little more and you will have access to all work-safe themes, that make it look like you’re on a work related site (ish).

Please note, if you decide to donate you must sign up to Patreon with the SAME email you use to login to this forum for it to all work automatically.

Here are the tiers:

$2 (about £1.50 per month) Patreons will get:

$4 (about £3 per month) Patreons will get:

$10 (about £7.70per month) Patreons will get:

  • An ad-free experience on the site
  • Access to all other site themes (5+ at the moment) to make lurking easier at work
  • Access to a private, subscriber-only section
  • An (optional) site template of your own design, available to all Patreons, for as long as you are a $10 Patreon
  • All this for less than the cost of a pint and a half of strong continental lager in Wetherspoons.

Non-Patreons will use the forum with:

  • Ads that monetise the forum
  • Only one template option
  • An empty, gaping void in their soul.

Please note that after Patreon fees and currency conversion we get about 75% of your donation. This roughly equates us getting £1.15, £2.50 and £6.75 per month respectively, per month, for each of the above tiers.


Sincerely, thank you. It stokes me out that there are so many rad heads out there willing to keep this forum going…

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