Subscriber/Patreon Discussion thread

Discuss the subscription stuff here (this thread is public)…

Subbed on $4 one. No need for a personal skin.

Big up all of you who sub.

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So I just register same email on there and it links it automatically?

Might push the boat out and go for the mega one. Whats a personal skin? Like could I make one with my work graphics?

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Yeah I reckon so, I’d need to give you the graphic size to use though

Fuck it Standard it is!

Might take me an hour or so to add you to the right groups. Thanks everyone so far!

So it says next to my name I am a Patron now, tight!


If you want any help with the insta, drop me a PM.

I think I’m going to remove the ‘Patron’ thing next to usernames

I am mod but interested to know if i’m still a patron, hopefully did it correctly.

How good is this drink btw?

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Should work hugo but weirdly you aren’t showing up. Got a few teething issues. Anyone have any problems gimme a shout or post here

I did it with the wrong email address but fuck it.

Can we have Patron back please Spanky.

I want that next to my name!

Am not going to be able to add you to the correct group, it’s all automated but I can get around it

Think I used the wrong email address too. Makes sense it should have been the same one as here I guess…

@hugo and @buildafire you should have same rights as Patreons now, try changing theme and seeing if ads disappear.

Lovely stuff. Sorted.

Wicked and crisp.

I still have ads

And no access to themes.