Renner skateboards graphics

It was green and yellow had like a wieard u on it like an ultra marine from Warhammer 40k and also said warning this is not a toy but one rippin board I can’t find the graphic any on Google I’m 36 I was 13 or 16 when I got it so quite old also hello from sheep land lol


My first board was a Renner complete. I tried looking for it but I think I forgot what it looked like. IT was blue and orange with an underwater type graphic. They’re still going and have a website. I even emailed someone who worked there to see if they had any old catalogs with older designs but she said all the same graphics they’ve ever had are on their website.

I know exactly where the physical board is. When we moved house we emptied the fish pond and threw a bunch of junk (including the deck) and covered it over. I wonder if it would biodegrade after 20 years?

There used to be archived Argos catalogues online. Did they sell Renner stuff? Found my pre first proper setup on there a while ago. It was awful.

Thank you I vaguely remember the deck graphic your on about what’s annoying I did find the graphic ages but forgot to save it I did message on there site but didn’t get a reply of them

Argos didn’t sell it only 1 shop did I still have the board but I painted red with metal primer lol

Update I got the graphic I did email renner and j and r sports I got a reply back 2000 to 2001 the graphic got last used

Deck graphic first skateboard