Rick Howard Mega MixTape by Manolos Tapes | Closer Skateboarding

I don’t care. This deserves a thread.

Absolutely loved this.

Theres a banging front shuv back fifty on a white square rail which I always remember as being amazing which wasn’t included. Possibly rose-tinted spectacles, but maybe I am making it up as I can’t remember which part. Maybe a 411VM?

But don’t let that take away from viewing the above. Its so, so sick.

Big up Neds.


That was lovely, first time I’d seen a lot of it. He’s hit a lot of rails over the years!

Always thought it was cool how he’d already boardslid the (for the time) massive rail that Duffy fs 5050’d in Questionable in the Blockhead vid.


That was one of the first vhs copies I got when I started skating , watched his section to death , so ahead of his time in that vid , So sick .

That was amazing.

I have a picture in my mind of Rick doing a 360 flip at the Beryl Banks on a banana board but I couldn’t find anything after a quick Google. Did I imagine it?

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Was from the same ish as the beryl 369 flip cover.


Rick is my favourite skateboarder I always forget about when people say who’s your favourite skateboarder.


As a grom I got Rick and Mike Carroll out of their tour van (summer tour after Questionable) for a picture. I’ll have to dig the pictures out one day but they’re at my dads somewhere. MC had that Droors tee on with the three kids looking at a porno and RH had a Slap tee on, inside out haha. Both really nice to me which was ace.

Really enjoyed this Manolo edit and a reminder to order a copy of closer today before I forget.


I saw this go down live - so insanely difficult


That’s the one.

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